Breads & Muffins

Happy Thanksgiving Pancakes!

Sweet Potato PancakesUpon opening the fridge this morning, all we could do is stare at a couple of leftover pieces of sweet potato pie on the top shelf.  We wanted to eat the pie for breakfast so bad, but there was that ringing guilt with the voice of our mothers saying “You can’t have pie for breakfast!” Plus, we’d already had cookies for breakfast this week.   Well mother usually knows best, but the pie looked so good!  How do we satisfy the temptation while still making mom happy?  Sweet potato pie pancakes–a new world of divine!  We put together this recipe and even sent it to our moms.  They both want a piece over the holiday!

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Cookies & Bars

Cookies for Breakfast

Gingerbread Men 1Gingerbread cookies!  There’s nothing wrong with dessert as the first meal of the day.  Butter fulfills the dairy requirement, eggs provide protein and sugar supplies a burst of energy.  Wake up and start blending and rolling out that dough because there’s almost nothing wrong with substituting your Wheaties with one, two or even five warm, chewy, spicy gingerbread cookies.  If you have a glass of milk too, that should count for something!

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Redefining Homemade

Cranberry Orange Rice with AlmondsIt’s so rare that most of us have time to watch our favorite TV shows, let alone cook up a quick dinner.  We putt around our kitchens opening the fridge and then the cabinet and then the fridge again, until the circular game of ‘What’s to eat’ gets too boring.  Might as well settle for a Lean Cuisine, right?  Wrong!  We putted around the kitchen and figured a ‘lil of this and a ‘lil of that goes a long way.  A bit of sweet, a dribble of tangy, a punch of spice, and you’re done.  Homemade in a flash.  We wish we could say it was harder than that, but we can’t!
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Recession Proof Soup

Asparagus & Chickpea Soup 2Times are hard.   Times are tough.  We are all broke!  When you know you should spend those hard earned dollars on your rent rather than ingredients for a new recipe, it’s time to get creative.  We all have ingredients in our pantries and refrigerators that we have either forgotten about or no longer know how to use them.  No fear!  A lovely soup is here.  Poking around our cabinets, we pulled out a few items that not only needed a purpose, but also seemingly paired together so nicely together, it was a shame we hadn’t thought of it earlier. Continue reading “Recession Proof Soup”

Cookies & Bars

Feeling Very Stuffed

Naked Nutella Stuffed Sugar CookiesWhen you think warm pockets of stuffed dough, maybe a savory empanada comes to mind.  Perhaps ravioli?  We threw down in the kitchen on a ravioli of a different kind.  The sweet kind.  These little sugar cookie babies are rolled out and dabbed with creamy Nutella and dribbled with melted chocolate.  If you can think of something better, we dare you to let us know!
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Cakes, Pies & Tarts

Peek Into This Sweet Potato Pecan Pie

Sweet Potato Pie with Praline NutsWe decided to do it again.  Try another pie that dominates the holiday season.  It’s so hard to pass up on lovely sweet potatoes.  They’re packed with bodybuilding vitamins, and they taste good!  Now all of those nutrients may be depleted once you’ve added processed sugars and fats, but it still tastes good.  We think that was the main point of our argument anyways.  The crumbly, nutty goodness on top in combination with a sweet, fluffy gob of whipped cream just takes it over the moon and back again.  We’re not sure you’re ready! Continue reading “Peek Into This Sweet Potato Pecan Pie”


Flashing. Lights.

Roasted Squash & ZucchiniWe’ve been messing around with our camera, attempting to find out how to properly light a photo when you do not have proper light.  Needless to say, it is difficult.  But, while watching The Astronaut Farmer and cooking up dinner, it all became clear!  (Also:  If there has ever been a time to learn how to real manuals for technological objects, it was last night.)  And tada!  Out of the darkness and into the light.  Well, at least moreso than the previous attempts.  With a little more practice, much more improvement.  What beautiful red, yellow and green luminating from our roasting veggies.  On a chilly Los Angeles November night, they were the perfect combination of warm and healthy. Continue reading “Flashing. Lights.”