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A Taste of Home


You may be aware by now that the Duo was partly born and partly bred in pleasant North Carolina–a place where sensational foods abound!  Most dishes there are of course distinctive to the South and have great tradition behind them.  Each region even has its own particular spin on certain Southern staples, like good ol’ biscuits and gravy.  A recent trip back East reacquainted us with this special breakfast dish that you just can’t find in the greater Los Angeles area.  If you’re not familiar with how us ‘Tar Heels’ get down, it’s easy!  Simply take your favorite biscuit and smother it with a creamy, sausage-filled gravy, then enjoy it in all its deliciousity, savory-ish, sinfullistic goodness (so good it makes you wanna make up words!).  To our joyous discovery, and hopefully yours too, biscuits and gravy isn’t difficult to make no matter where you are located.

You can use any biscuits that strike your fancy.  And since the gravy is really the star of this dish, it doesn’t matter if you or the Pillsbury Dough Boy make them or not.  If you want to keep your rolling pin in the drawer, drop biscuits are just as good with less effort.  Counting calories?  Some substitutions can be made to help–use low-fat or skim milk instead of the half and half or start the gravy in a separate pan with light butter to cut down on grease.  But honestly, everyone deserves one serving of indulgence from time to time, and that fresh taste of home.

Southern Sage Biscuits and Sausage Gravy – Serves 6

1 1/2 cups Bisquick Mix, plus extra for dusting
1/3 cup milk
1/2 teaspoon sage, minced

1/4 cup flour (or Bisquick, or half flour/half bisquick)
2 cups half and half (or milk)
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon pepper
1 pound pork sausage (or turkey, beef, etc.)

1.  Mix Bisquick, milk and sage until soft dough forms.

2. Turn onto surface generously sprinkled with Bisquick. Knead 10 times.  (To make drop biscuits, do not knead dough. Just drop by the spoonful.)

3.  Roll out to 1/2-inch thick and cut with a 2 1/2-inch cutter (or the top of a glass cup). Place on an ungreased cookie sheet and bake in a preheated oven at 450 degrees for 8 to 10 minutes or until golden brown.

4.  As biscuits bake, cook the sausage in a large frying pan on medium heat.  (If you’re using links, remove from casing and crumble or slice to make it easier.)  Remove meat and set aside when completely cooked.

5.  Immediately add half of the flour into the grease, without turning off the heat, and whisk until a brown paste forms.  Add remaining flour and continue whisking well.

6.  Slowly mix in half and half (or milk) and whisk until thickens, about 5 minutes.  Add salt and pepper, followed by cooked sausage meat.  Turn heat to low, and allow to continue cooking another couple of minutes.

7.  To serve, cut biscuits in half and, if desired, top with scrambled eggs and your favorite shredded cheese.  Generously pour sausage gravy on top and garnish with fresh sage.

Click HERE for printable recipe.


44 thoughts on “A Taste of Home

  1. You just made my meal for tomorrow morning!

    If you can hear me screaming for some of this then you know I have the pipes to chew it down! Now that is what we used to call havin’ your foot up in the pan! The southern foot that is…

  2. I love fried chicken! I used to love KFC, but since I knew how to cook, KFC is in the back burner for my fried chicken cravings now. Thanks for sharing, i’m wiping drool off my keyboard!

  3. Oh my. I don’t think it can get any more Southern than this! Love it. Your picture has my mouth watering. YUM. Need to make a run to Cracker Barrel stat! Haha!

  4. Maybe it’s because I’m a Californian, but I’ve never quite gotten the whole biscuit-and-gravy thing. But biscuits with butter and honey? Oh my — now we’re talking!

  5. I say it at least once a month: I should have been born in the South. Biscuits and gravy are one of my top 10 favorite foods. Actually, almost anything with gravy on it would make its way in my top. This is gross, but when I was a teen working at Boston Market, I used to sip the chicken gravy in a cup throughout my shift. Oh, I’m disgusting.

  6. Biscuits (in the American sense of the word) are not something that we really eat over here – at least not with something like gravy. I think of biscuits as savoury scones, which we would eat with butter or cheese or maybe to accompany some soup. It would be great to sample some real, down-home biscuits+gravy sometime, though, and see what it’s all about 🙂

  7. I’ve never been to the south, but I have high regard for people down there. They have such manners. I’ve never had biscuits and gravy either but this looks good!

  8. Ah, my brother may be moving to NC later this year. If he can’t show me how Tar Heels get down for breakfast, at least I have this recipe to try out! Thanks for sharing this!

  9. Wow. I miss the South! Biscuits and gravy. I had them this Christmas when I was home. OK, with bacon, not sausage. But holy cow–those things stuck with me all day. Sigh. Why is the north so full of librarians and nutritionists?

  10. We lived in Raleigh and Charlotte for a total of 8 years. What do we miss most about NC? Sweet tea and biscuits & gravy! This brings such delicious memories . . . and a massive craving!

  11. I come from a long line of country biscuit makers. I crave a plate of biscuits and gravy whenever I’m homesick. The sage is an interesting idea. Very complimentary to sausage flavors.

  12. Woo-hoo!! North Carolina!! 🙂

    Biscuits and gravy– a STAPLE for us Tar Heels!! Great post!

    Hope you enjoyed your taste of the south over there in LA, and that you still get a glass of sweet tea every now and then!!!

  13. This is one of my favorite breakfasts of all time. I LOVE LOVE LOVE biscuits and gravy. Even my anti-sausage husband will eat it (which makes me think that delicate tum tum of his is mostly psychosomatic). The sage in the biscuits is a nice complement to the sausage.

  14. I’ve actually never had biscuits and gravy. We didn’t get too much of that kind of fare down in the OC when I was growing up!

  15. I’m not sure that I’ve ever had biscuits and gravy before…although I haven’t spent much time in the south. It looks so delicious though!

  16. oh no you didn’t! I love sausage gravy! this is killing me right now as I am eating cheez it’s and diet coke for lunch (I know healthy as ever right?)

  17. I had these while on vacation once in VA! Now I know how to make them at home, but I bet soo much better! They look fantastic!

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