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Do You Like to Drink Eat and Play?


We always mention our Southern roots running strong here in Los Angeles, and part of our love of Southern food–and food in general–is comfort.  Comfort food as a whole, and everything that falls under that umbrella, hits our spot like none other.  You would think that all the skinny folks in LA that you see on TV don’t eat mac ‘n cheese and sloppy joes, but you know what?  They do.  We’ve seen them do it.  It’s been a running trend in restaurants lately to revamp and modernize everyday comfort foods, and we support that to the max.  We’re really excited that next weekend on Sunday, May 31st, there will be a comfort food extravaganza in Hollywood at the RenaissanceHotel–the Gourmet 5 Year Old Party–sponsored by Drink.Eat.Play.  Aren’t you?

Remember when you were just 5 years old?  Think about all the foods you liked to eat–the things your mom let you have and even the stuff she tried to hide from you.  That’s what Drink.Eat.Play’s bringing to the table.  Literally.  It’s a celebration of kiddie treats with a grown ‘n sexy flair.  We’ve already dined at a few of the sponsored restaurants, so it’s exciting to know we can get even more nibbles from Dolce, Bella Cucina, The Kress, Geisha House, Ketchup, Tanzore and The Yard to name a few.  Endless sweet treats and everlasting supplies of fabulous wines will also be provided.  Heard of actor/comedian Derek Hughes?  He’ll also be there providing entertainment. Last year, we organized a group of our UNC alumni to trek out to Santa Monica for the group’s 1st Annual BBQ Festival in May 2008, and there was a lot of eating going on plus fun to be had.  We know this year’s Gourmet 5 event will also top the list.  If anyone in the LA area is going, let us know!  We hope to be there that afternoon to take part in what will surely be quite the most gourmet birthday for anyone nostalgic for the time they were just five years old.  Click here for ticket information!

Check out these pictures for a peeksie into last year’s event held at Boulevard3.

2603053419_aa1a816f7d-Gourmet5 2602906717_629c06024b-Gourmet5 2603065919_b2543f0d86-Gourmet5 2603735010_8822ebd5e-Gourmet5 2602924553_b72d2183c5-Gourmet5

16 thoughts on “Do You Like to Drink Eat and Play?

  1. omg, i got the link a few weeks ago from a friend and totally wanted to go! but i had too much going on with the aftermath of the wedding. darn!!! hope it was fun – i will definitely try to go to the next one!

  2. My son would have loved that once upon a time…we got him into a upscale kitchen for his birthday with a chef who let him help make my birthday meal…Laurel’s in Dallas, closed now, but if they had things like this I would have taken him…why did they not have this when I was a kid 😦

  3. Gourmet comfort food — burgers, hot dogs, pizza — are all the rage right now. I think it has to do with the dismal economy. A lot of us can’t afford four-star restaurants now. But we can still fork over a few bucks for an artisan hot dog.

  4. Aww darn it!!!. I can’t go. Boo =( I’ve already got plans for that day. Total bummer. If only I had known sooner.

    Looks like it’s going to be fun. Please take lots of pics.

  5. Oh my gosh. Sounds like a nostalgic event full of great fun! I would really like to attend…but unfortunately I’m all across the continent!

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