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It’s Just the Litttle Things

Peanut Butter Apple Cookies-Duo Dishes
Toffee Peanut Butter Apple Cookies
Mint Pistachio Cookies-Duo Dishes
Chocolate Mint Pistachio Cookies
Sweet & Spicy Snickerdoodles 2-Duo Dishes
Sweet & Spicy Snickerdoodles
Triple Chocolate Almond Cookies-Duo Dishes
Triple Chocolate Almond Cookies

We know you have a signature dish that makes everybody go crazy.  Or you make something following the usual recipe, and the one day you do something different–add your own touch, if you will–people are asking what you did that time around.  There are so many ways to give food your own zap.  We all do it.  That’s why only Grandma So-and-So can make the potato salad at the family reunion picnic.

At Thanksgiving, no one takes the yams from Uncle Whoever.  He’s the only one that makes them just right.  If you want to avoid the wrath of greedy family members, please don’t give the Easter ham to anybody except Cousin What’s-Her-Name.  Only she knows what she’s doing. You know what we’re talking about.

What are they doing to make those dishes so good?

Well, that’s their secret to the grave.  You’ll probably never find out, and maybe that’s OK.  If we had the in’s and out’s of everyone’s recipes, they wouldn’t be unique anymore.  Maybe the best part of eating that signature dish is knowing that you’ll never have a clue what’s in it.  The mystery makes each bite so good.

Honey Oatmeal Walnut Cranberry Cookies-Duo Dishes
Honey Oatmeal Walnut Cranberry Cookies
Peanut Butter Banana Cookies
Peanut Butter Banana Cookies

We test drove some cookies, making a couple of interesting decisions along the way.  A little of this, a bit of that.  Making sure to incorporate distinct and noteworthy aspects to each recipe.  We’re still experimenting, but we think we’re onto something.  Don’t hate us for being vague. We just wanted to show you a few of the things we’ve been working on for a special project, but we do have to keep our DD touch secret for now! And we won’t hate it if you do the same.

What are some of your best dishes?

37 thoughts on “It’s Just the Litttle Things

  1. Oh goodness! Now I am desperately craving cookies – it’s a good thing I have a stash of oatmeal ones in my freezer. These all look fantastic! Looking forward to hearing the secret 🙂

  2. Cripes, it was like information overload, I can only look at so many photos of incredible cookies before I get into deep trouble. I reaching for the ingredients right now.

  3. Peanut butter banana cookies – hubba hubba hubba! 🙂

    Very cool post!

    I’d say my sig dishes are my chicken marsala, peanut butter oatmeal, various risottos, and most recently, my carrot cake cookies.

  4. Hmm. My mom’s sweet potatoes. She has the magic touch making them on top of the stove. People for miles beg. Mine is coconut cupcakes, but now are on my blog. The thing most asked for from me is my salads. It’s not so much the ingredients…it’s how I put it together and do the dressing. I have a hundred different salads, but they always get the “how did you do this.” And, I can’t tell anyone, because it’s done by taste, and intuition. It’s knowing the exact moment to stop adding lemon or vinegar or salt, etc.

  5. You sure do know how to tease with all of those cookies (I mean, chocolate, mint, pistachio – gimme now!). I am thoroughly intrigued by your secret project and will just have to wait patiently for more details – and maybe just go and make some cookies in the meantime 🙂

  6. I’m intrigued by the snickerdoodles. I love the name, probably more than the cookie itself, since they can be (shall we say) somewhat simple in terms of flavor. I’m imagining what you added in and I’m getting some very interesting spice musings…

  7. Toffee Peanut Butter Apple Cookies … even if their pictures weren’t here, my mind would have been able to conjure up something delicious based on the name. Not that other cookies don’t look good, but I just can’t get over the flavor combination of that one. Brilliant. Recipe? Just kidding. 🙂

  8. When I graduated from high school, my grandmother collected a bunch of classic family recipes from all my female relatives. I was happy to get the book because it was full of a bunch of my favorite dishes from family get-togethers. UNfortunately, the secret recipe in almost every recipe was a buttload of butter. I’m not talking a little butter (which never hurt anybody)… I’m talking like a TON of butter. As in, my mom’s chicken cacciatore casserole has LITERALLY TWO STICKS OF BUTTER in it….. whoaaaaaaaa

  9. I look forward to the unveiling of the secret project because, judging from the picture-evidence presented here, must be delicious!
    I had a hard time reading the text because my eyes kept staring at the cookies! Yummy!
    My most-requested dishes are my pizza and cookies, a good chocolate chip cookie pleases everybody!

  10. Aa of those cookies lok so delicious!
    My signiture dish before were: muffins & cookies & now is home made tortelini with ricotta, spinach, toasted pine nuts & prosciutto. I serve it with an easy tomato sauce,…

  11. well there are so many of my best dishes 🙂 thats a great idea of you guys working on a project together and experimenting on inventing new recipes. keep up the great job DD 🙂 i must say these delightful little cookies look wonderful! absolutely fantastic!! all the best with ye project.

  12. All the cookies look so good, but the ones that really me are the peanut butter banana chocolate chip cookies. They look so pillowy. I like chubby cookies. 🙂

    I have a killer peanut butter chocolate chip cookie recipe which everyone has been asking for. It really makes the best PB chocolate chip cookies I’ve ever had, if I may say so myself. I’ve never shared the recipe with anyone or given away the secrets, but with enough bribe …

  13. For some reason people insist my hummus is the best they have had so I guess that is one.

    I am not upset you aren’t sharing your cookie secrets, but a care package would be nice! You know–just in case you need feedback or something! 😉

  14. The cookies are looking, oh so good! I’m just about to that point in my day where a sugar fix is in order too!

    I totally understand about the recipe thing….My best dishes? Not sure, I experiment too much! But, I’ve often been asked about my pasta sauce and my spice cookies!

    Cheers and good luck with the project. Can’t wait!

  15. There are some ingredients that I do leave out of my “prized” recipes. when people ask. I ususally just give them the basic stuff they need. Not everything has to be let out in the open. Cooks and chefs need to have some tricks up their sleeve, it would be boring if everyone knew the secret.

    Go any more of them cookies? Looks like you made a lot share some cookie wealth. =)

  16. um, yum! yum yum yum! I seriously want a cookie right now! Peanut butter banana cookies. You know, that’s one of those ideas that is so brilliant you wonder why they’re not all over the place, in every grocery store.

  17. Those are some really interesting cookies. Some of those combinations just blow me away.

    Do you know I can’t really think of a signature dish? I can’t think of anything anyone has ever said to me, “You make this better than anyone else.” I think that’s because I’m always changing things up, reinventing, and trying new things. It’s hard for me to keep working on one recipe over and over until I perfect it. I tend to always be moving on to something new.

  18. you guys are “baking” me crazy with those good looking cookies!

    My go-to dish to knock the sock off folks is grilled and smoked salmon. i’ve made it for people that don’t eat fish and converted them!

  19. I make really good cupcakes and taco dip. People always ask for the taco dip recipe, and I give it to them, but for the guacamole layer, I simply say use guacamole. And my secret is in how I make that. Not telling!

  20. Each to their own, though I myself am a proponent of the No Secret Recipe movement. But I’m also a live and let live guy and am easily bribed with cookies. 😉

    I’m particularly intrigued by sweet and spicy snickerdoodles.

  21. My husband was once denied the Sweet Potato Pie recipe from Aunti. He took vengeance by coming up with his own….and it’s so much better than hers. LOL! Aunti did us a favor by being stingy.

    My best dish is Lasagna! It kicks booty!

  22. You are so tight about that little something all cooks bring to whatever they are cooking, especially their signature dishes. It’s one of those things that make the holidays spent with family and friends so special. These are beautiful cookies, but it is the writing and the thoughts that I will remember from this post. Thanks GREG

  23. I hear you loud and clear – I dont know if you have noticed or not but I ever so rarely post recipes….but you give me one taste of these good looking cookies and I will score high on the test…

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