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Guess What’s Coming to Dinner

Farm Fresh box-Duo Dishes

Finally received our Farm Fresh to You boxes!   Thanks to the special introductory deal we scored at the Extravaganza for the Senses, we got this trial delivery of their small box for a measly $3.00!

Farm Fresh vegetables-Duo Dishes

A bunch of crimson grapes, 5 gala apples, 1 head of green leaf lettuce, a pint of cherry tomatoes, 3 heirloom tomatoes and a lone cucumber.  What to make, what to make?

No seriously.  What should we make?

And as a side note…can we please discuss the capitalization of produce names? Should we eat a Gala apple or a gala apple? A salad with Green Leaf lettuce or a green leaf lettuce salad? Want some Crimson grapes or will crimson grapes suffice? Many people do it differently, but there should be a set rule somewhere.


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15 thoughts on “Guess What’s Coming to Dinner

  1. Gala apple.
    green leaf lettuce.
    ok . . . you’re on your own with the rest of them.
    And to respond to your other entries – I do have tooth decay so that’s not good and we are going to get our co-op basket this week because we cannot keep enough produce stocked to keep us from eating junk food! ❤
    Moving home soon!!!!!!!!

  2. looking good, we had a bounty this week including stems of soybeans, so just made edeame. How about a cucumber and tomato salad – love that combo in a tangy vinaigrette?
    For $3 do they deliver to SF?

  3. lets see – some kind of warm grape sauce poured over poultry – tartlets with the apples and taziki with the cucumber -use greek yogurt so its thicker- be sure and de seed and salt to extract the moisture from the cuke- make some hand rolls with the lettuce in some kind of thai wrap thing and eat the cherry tomatoes in a tossed caprese and the heirlooms I need to think a little more

  4. I would say you can’t really have a set rule. Green leaf isn’t a proper noun, so it wouldn’t be capped… but gala… hmm… is that a place, or is it named after someone? I’d go with lowercase unless there’s a specific reason to capitalize. – from the editor

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