Breads & Muffins

Bobby’s Guest Test Kitchen

Cranberry Walnut Pumpkin bread-Duo Dishes

Maybe you noticed that we some how skipped over the Guest Test Kitchen for September.  Our fault completely!  It’s been a little crazy for both of us, and September just slipped our minds. The most exciting opportunity at the moment is a chance to do a live demonstration with the Bertolli Sauce team for Foodbuzzers at the Tasting Pavillion during the San Francisco festival next weekend. Here’s hoping you’ve voted? If not, here’s the link! October has been a doozy, but it’s the best month of the year, so we have to go out with a bang, plus tease a little something special coming up next week!  It’s officially Halloween today, and the frenzy of holiday baking will truly begin now.  Remember when we told you that a good friend of ours left LA?  Well, this same friend has adjusted well to NY, and it appears he has been baking up new dishes for friends.  Here’s one that you may want to add to your holiday repertoire.  We’ll let Bobby show you how it goes.

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So Many Ways to Fill It

Beef & Raisin Empanada-Duo Dishes

Empanadas, empanadas, empanadas.  Just saying the word makes the mouth water, no?  The stuffed bread pastries have a long cultural history across the world, and you’ll find variations in the name and fillings in Latin, Asian and Caribbean countries everywhere.  They can be savory and spicy, sweet and flakey, baked or fried, square or crescent-shaped.  Although there are similarities in their basic construction, the differences between each one make them stand out as all their own.  After reading a NY Times article about Chilean style empanadas, it was clear that we had to give this version a try.
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Cookies & Bars

Not Your Average Cookie

Chocolate Chip Cookie Pizza-Duo Dishes

Another birthday, another dessert!  The month of October is flying by, which is not a good thing in our eyes.  Whenever you have a favorite something, it always seems to disappear before you know it, right?  Even though it’s not quite over yet, our favorite birthday month is slipping away, and the tail end is chockful of bday babies.  One of our best friends would unfortunately be across the country on the day of his birth, but we didn’t want to miss his golden celebration (25 years old on the 25th!), so we did it early of course.   This guy really loves cookies.   If you leave him a few cookies of any kind after a baking fest, he’s happy.  A few weeks before his birthday, he offhandedly mentioned that he wanted a big cookie pie for his birthday treat.  We kept that in mind and surprised him with an oversized dessert to start off his week long party.
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Poultry & Pork

Foodbuzz 24, 24, 24: A Pumpkin Extravaganza

Pumpkins assortment 1-Duo DishesPumpkin assortment 2-Duo DishesPumpkin assortment 3-Duo DishesPumpkin assortment 4-Duo Dishes

All we’ve done this month is go on and on about how we love October.  Hopefully you are not sick of hearing this, but we have to say it again:  We love October!  It’s the fall time, and leaves are falling. The air is crispy and there are orange pumpkins sitting on many steps.  Oh, and yesterday was Amir’s birthday!  When we received the call for submissions for Foodbuzz’s monthly 24, 24, 24 event, to be held on October 24, we had to give it a shot.  Once the proposal was submitted, it was time to plan another birthday party to finish off the month of babies being born!  Amir wanted pumpkins in his menu, and that’s how the pumpkin blowout came into existence.  Every part of the evening’s meal–from starting nibbles to the final cocktail–would contain pumpkin in some form or fashion.  If there’s ever a time to go overboard with the fruity gourd, it would be now!

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Poultry & Pork

We’re Gunning For It

Pancetta Arugula Sun-dried Tomato Pizza-Duo Dishes

A couple of days ago, we announced the fact that we made it into the Top 10 as a Menu Item for the Bertolli Sauce team!  It’s going to be so much fun to meet all of the other food bloggers we have interacted with mostly in the virtual world.  Although, we’ve made it to the Top 10, there is another pinnacle we’re reaching for right now.  The Foodbuzz community will be able to vote for three bloggers to present a live demo in the Bertolli Sauce Kitchen at the Tasting Pavillion.  Here’s hoping we’ll get the chance to work with the Bertolli Sauce team and present our Menu Item to all of you!  Voting opened yesterday to all Foodbuzzers, and we hope you’ve extended a little helping hand.  Just think…after early November, you will get a break from all of the Duo Dishes voting pleas.  Until then, please exercise your right and vote, vote, vote!

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Special Events

The Results are In

Zucchini & Sausage Stuffed Mushrooms-Duo Dishes

Normally we don’t post twice in a day, but there’s been a lot of exciting commotion in the last couple of hours, so we just had to interrupt today’s normal programming for this announcement! When Foodbuzz announced the possibility of sponsor-donated scholarships for the November festival in San Francisco, we jumped at the chance to enter recipe submissions based on their respective products. One of the sponsors was Bertolli, and we figured we could come up with something awesome for the Bertolli Sauce team. Our submission was one of those go-with-the-flow creations where we brainstormed a lot of ingredients we like individually and tried to see how they would work in combination. The final announcements were made today, and we made it into the Top Ten! We’ll be On the Menu for the Foodbuzz Blogger Festival. There are no words for how excited and grateful we are right now! No words! We pulled together a few of the words we have left just for this post.

Baby Portobello Stuffed Mushrooms is the way we went with our appetizer. We figured sautéed zucchini, spicy Italian sausage and Pecorino Romano would pair well with a meaty baby bello. Over the mushrooms, we’d top it with a drizzle of jazzed up Bertolli Garlic Alfredo with Aged-Parmesan Cream Sauce. We’ve been asking for votes for the Foodbuzz Blog Awards, but now we need more votes for this one. We want to be in the Bertolli Sauce Top 3! Voting for the Top 3 begins tomorrow, so please vote, vote, vote!!!


Cakes, Pies & Tarts

Never Leave Well Enough Alone

Apple Raisin Walnut Cake-Duo Dishes

It’s official. We cannot stop ourselves from tweaking recipes. It’s a bad habit. Here we go, with intentions of making a classic tarte tatin, which turned into the bright idea of trying a tarte tatin cake. Oh, but it does not stop there. Ina Garten has this deliciously classic (at least in terms of the tarte tatin element) recipe that seemed perfect. Well, perfect with a few changes. So many changes that it’s hard to say if we even have the same exact cake. We’re red handed guilty. In an effort to pay homage to a classic French dessert, we invite you to check out this revamped version!

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