Here’s to Good Booze

A great cocktail can be the ticket to spruce up any meal gathering. We love creating a signature drink to serve along with the food for our guests. Recently we’ve been introduced to a variety of fun ingredients that can be used to jazz up our favorite drinks. Fresh herbs and vegetables, homemade simple syrups, ginger, jalapeno slices, even bacon can be great additions to any home bar—yes, we’ve seen bacon. Sometimes it’s also about the tools you have to make it happen. Like an awesome cocktail shaker set as part of your home bar. It definitely helps you mix things up!
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Don’t Be Scared

If you’re not familiar with whole artichokes, at first glance they look like a daunting, thorny and green mess. How are you supposed to eat this leafy bulb thing, anyway? We’re accustomed to artichoke hearts. They’re easily recognizable in the canned food aisle floating in a jar with oil and herbs. We’re used to enjoying them in many of our favorite dips, in a plethora of Mediterranean dishes, or as a way to jazz up a salad among a few things. With the warmth of impending summer, it was time to pop them on the grill.
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Poultry & Pork

Tracy’s Test Kitchen

We love Tracy! Amir’s been best friends with him since high school. Even then, whenever Tracy cooked a meal, the food looked like something straight out of an art book. Even a family-style tuna casserole had some elaborate presentation with neatly shaped food, ornate designs of sauce on the plate, and a plethora of garnishes. What’s even better about Tracy’s food, is that it tastes as amazing as it looks–it’s actually out of this world! We hope you enjoy this month’s Test Kitchen. We wish Tracy lived in Southern California so we can experience his cooking on a weekly basis. Here’s Tracy!
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No Dud of a Spud

It was time to try another recipe from the blogosphere. This time, it would be potatoes. A large number of food bloggers are aware of the number one place to go for unique variations of the typical tuber, and that would be the home of The Daily Spud. She’s an Irish lass who can wax poetic about the potato. And wine, cheese, Irish traditions and amazing desserts. When she first featured this runny egg laced over a fluffy baked potato, it got a lot of well deserved attention. With a couple of potatoes on hand and a few interesting ingredients in the fridge, it was time to give it a try.
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Street Love

A few weeks ago, Amir spent a weekend in Sedona, Arizona. While there, he enjoyed dinner at the Elote Café, which is proudly named after the popular Mexican street snack. Now widely available in the US, elote is simply grilled corn on the cob rightfully glorified with chile spices, lime juice, cheese and mayonnaise. Naturally, Elote Café had its namesake on the menu as an appetizer, but their version featured the corn cut off the cob and served in a small bowl alongside fresh corn tortilla chips. We’ve never seen that before! We made our own version of the traditional street food last summer using a chile lime sauce with crema Mexicana and queso fresco. Amir loved this dish so much, he immediately texted his plan to make a version immediately upon returning to LA. And here it is!
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Poultry & Pork

Patience is Indeed a Virtue

This is not the first time we’ve made crepes. There was a day, long ago, when we made fluffy crepes stuffed with creamy white sauce-covered chicken. We were so excited to share the recipe and the photos, but alas, the photos were no good. Absolutely frightening in fact. For that reason, we decided not to dedicate a post to those crepes. It took a while, but now the crepes are back. In light of a few very awesome savory pancake meals that have taken place over the last couple of months, here’s one that you can see. Fluffy crepes, a creamy white sauce-covered chicken, bits of spinach and tiny tomatoes and just a hint of spice–this is one that you must try.
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Other Sweet Treats

Just Sweet Enough

Summer isn’t quite here yet, but the weather’s very strange right now, so most of us probably feel like we missed half of the spring season. Under these strange circumstances, let’s pretend that we are now well into summer. The hot, hazy days feel great when you end them with a light dessert. Pineapples are great on their own, but they could always use a little something to spice them up. One technique that truly makes the sweet nature of a pineapple sing is the flambé. Dash a bit of liquor over a hot flame, and you’ll have caramelized pineapples for everyone to enjoy.
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