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Jade’s Test Kitchen

This month’s guest blogger is our friend Jade. In addition to being an advent food and drink enthusiast, she’s also a writer. You can read more of her life happenings and short stories at her own blog. In the meantime, check out a hilarious account of how this cocktail became her fav. Here’s Jade…

“Rum used to be my holiday drink. It used to be my everyday drink. Until it betrayed me. It was my junior year of college and my RA Jeff was throwing a party one night. Though I didn’t know anyone at the party, I decided to go anyway because there was alcohol and Jeff’s apartment was literally right across the hall from mine.
When I arrived at the party, Jeff immediately pulled me over to the table where people were doing shots. He handed one to me. We slammed it. He handed me another and before I knew it, I’d had 5 shots of rum. I started to feel a little funny. The next thing I knew, I was on the floor.

“How many shots did I have”? I asked him desperately.

“You had 5 double shots”, said Jeff.

“Double shots”???? I exclaimed. “Those weren’t single shots”? I whispered, my voice fading into the background.

I was so young, so naïve. The next thing I knew, Jeff and a friend of his were lifting me off the floor, and carrying me back to my apartment.

“I’m so sorry”, I said to them over and over as they left me for dead, I mean, dumped me in my bed and headed back to the party.

When I woke up the next morning, I was still drunk. I could barely move. I felt as though all energy and life-force had been stripped from my body. I knew immediately that I was going to need someone to take care of me. I looked to my right to see if my roommate Keoho was in her bed. She wasn’t. Her bed was pristinely made as if no one had even slept in it. I grabbed my phone off my nightstand and proceeded to call her 25 times in a row. No answer. I slowly mustered the will to get out of bed and went next door to Jeff’s apartment. I rang the doorbell. Nothing. I knocked on the door. Nothing. I BANGED on the door trying to break the wall down. Nothing. I called Jeff, and he was out and about in the world, having a grand ole time and wasn’t even remotely hung-over or ill.

“I need someone to take care of me”, I tried to explain to him, as I sat on the floor in front of his apartment. Jeff told me that I would be all right, but I didn’t believe him. After getting off the phone with him, Keoho called me back and asked, didn’t I remember she was away for the weekend at some engineering conference?

“When can you come back”? I said to her. She tells me she isn’t coming back til the next day. I’d be dead by then. I went back into my apartment, laid on the couch, and vowed never to drink rum again.

Years later, gin came into my life, and not just any gin–Hendrick’s Gin. This gin is the best gin on this earth. For real. Before tasting this, you couldn’t pay me to drink the stuff. I didn’t like the way it tasted or smelled. One day my brother, the “cocktail connoisseur”, made me a gin and tonic with Hendrick’s and my life was forever changed. Hendrick’s is infused with rose and cucumbers. Pair that with a high quality tonic water, like Fever Tree, which is made with botanical oils and spring water, and you’ve got the beginnings of something magical. Add a splash of St. Germaine makes this drink heavenly. St. Germaine is an elderflower liquor; its’ flavors hint at passion fruit, pear, grapefruit and lemon, just to name a few. Now THIS drink is my every day drink.”

Not Your Mama’s Gin and Tonic – 1 serving
2 ounces Hendrick’s Gin
Fever Tree Tonic
A splash of St. Germaine

Pour the Hendricks into a highball glass over ice cubes. Fill with tonic and add a splash of St. Germaine. Stir. Drink, enjoy, and fight back your friends as they try to steal your drink from you.

Click HERE for the printable recipe.

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4 thoughts on “Jade’s Test Kitchen

  1. This is such an awesome post! I’ve been a vodka girl. And a rum girl. And even for a day or so a tequila girl. All of which tend to end in semi-traumatic explosions. But maybe what I really need in my life is this gin. Hmmm.

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