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Alexia Foods “Reinvent a Classic”: Trial 1

Sweet potatoes & russet potatoes - The Duo Dishes

This is a fun post that we have to share with you. In fact, it will be part of a series of posts. We have been selected to participate in Alexia Foods‘ :Reinvent a Classic” fry challenge. There are several other bloggers participating as well, and you’ll probably come across many postings online during the length of the challenge. Hopefully you will check out our trials as we go through the process of developing a fun new flavor idea for Alexia Foods to add to their roster. You’re invited to follow along as the competition continues!

Sweet tater fries - The Duo Dishes

There are just a few guidelines and rules to follow for this challenge. You can explore a combination of either russet potatoes or sweet potatoes with a crinkle, waffle, julienne or wedge cut and whatever seasonings we can think of to come up with a new flavor. After July 20th, Alexia Foods’ research and development team will test each of the final submission and choose the top four. Those four finalists will head to the Foodbuzz food festival in San Francisco in November, and they will be posted on the Alexia Foods Facebook page for people to vote on the winning flavor. The chosen winner will be available in stores in late 2012.

We are smack in the middle of testing four options right now–three savory and one sweet. When we initially brainstormed the flavors we wanted to try, we immediately emailed back and forth with the ingredients that we really like. It’s funny how Amir and I both share a love for many of the same tastes and flavors, we rarely start along the same path to get to a final destination. One of us will shoot out an idea, then the other one will second it (or veto it!). We’ll adjust so it works for both of us or scrap the idea entirely and start over. This time, we both came up with two different ideas, so we decided to try all four and see which one was the best. Amir popped out two idea that I would never have thought of initially, but of course, they sounded good. Mine were pretty good if I say so myself. We will share the ideas soon to get your feedback, but for now, let’s keep it a tiny secret. The only thing I can say is that we decided to focus on sweet potatoes with a julienne cut for the first round because sweet potato fries are both of our favorites. There was a russet thrown in the testing mix just for fun, so we could see what it would taste like for a couple of our trial ideas.

Baked sweet potato fries - The Duo Dishes

We tested all four of our flavors, which was a funny event in itself. We are definitely going back to the drawing board to get these just right. Out of the four, two need to be more pronounced, one was a wee too spicy, and the sweet fry needs to be adjusted so can handle the heat of an oven. We chatted about how to fix each one, so that the second trial would be better. And of course, we would need to test them out on friends. This is what we’ll be doing for the next few weeks, so keep an eye out for more posts. In the meantime, let us know what your favorite French fry looks like. Are you a russet or sweet potato fan? Do you prefer crinkle cut, julienne, waffle or wedges? What would be the seasonings and spices if you could choose? We’d love to know! Check out the Alexia Foods Facebook page or follow the bloggers chatting about the process under the #AlexiaFoods hashtag.

The Alexia Foods team is providing compensation for our time and products needed to participate in this challenge.


7 thoughts on “Alexia Foods “Reinvent a Classic”: Trial 1

  1. yeah….I started to make oven baked fries in my oven (yes, me cooking in an oven) Thursday night. Apparently one of the boys had tried cooking something in the oven so when I came back in from the outdoor kitchen, the oven filled up the house with smoke just preheating to 475!

    Hopefully your sweet potato fries were less eventful, ha ha.

  2. oh wait again… misread… not open to other bloggers! oops. wishful thinking! U got this! take it to the top! and it’s important to get friends and more experienced people to taste!

  3. oh wait! Foodbuzz in Nov!?!!? I’m all in this… I have all kinds of juicy, delicious recipes and I’m on a recipe winning streak these days so it’s on! Oh yeah, ur potatoes pretty! đŸ˜‰

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