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Alexia Foods “Reinvent a Classic”: Trial 2

A week ago we announced we are partaking in the Alexia Foods “Reinvent a Classic” fry challenge, in which we compete with other food bloggers to come up with Alexia Foods’ next original French fry flavor. Only four finalists will be chosen and ultimately one will win the whole challenge, having his or her flavor produced and sold all over the country for everyone to enjoy. How exciting! After our first run of fry testing, we picked back up right where we left off a few days later. Like a mad scientist trying to perfect a new invention, we were back in our culinary laboratories excited to get things started. Of course we want to win in the end, but recipe experimentation and development are our absolute favorite things to do in the kitchen. We’re loving every part of this challenge!

We decided to hone in on four kinds of flavors after our first trial: sweet, spicy, smokey, and herby. We’re not going to expound upon what specific ingredients we’re using just yet, as things are still in the early stages. Plus, we’re playing with so many different ones at this point that we can’t even say for sure what they are.

Our "Smokey" fries. Here, it's a mix of sweet and russet potatoes.

We feel very confident about two of the flavors. The Herby variety is working well! We’re using a blend of herbs that seem to love those potatoes. Chrystal made these at home during the week and tried the herb mix on both the sweet potato and a russet. She reported back that it was a success this time! The flavor seemed to work better with the russet, but was still good on the sweet potato. She also whipped up more batches of the Smokey fries. It appears this one, sadly, isn’t working out as much.

She made both of these for a mutual friend of ours, who is a notorious picky eater I might add. He shared both Herby and Smokey with his co-workers. The consensus was they enjoyed the Herby fries much more. When we tasted the smokey fries from our first attempt, they had plenty of kick to us. Our taste testing friend–a man who is not a fan of spice in general–didn’t think there was much spice on them at all. Maybe we’re crazy. We definitely have more tweaking to do on that one.

The Sweet fries are ready to go in the oven.

I’m working on the Spicy and Sweet fries. I have to say our Spicy idea isn’t working out too well. I keep adding more and more of the spices we’re using, and surprisingly, I don’t taste much of the flavors. I have ideas, though, so don’t fret! For some, the combination of flavors may seem odd, but honestly, the Sweet attempt is really coming together. I made them for two coworkers who loved the flavor. They both said it was different and unexpected, but definitely something they could envision eating at a restaurant. We’ll take it!

Chrystal and I are going to continue our experimentation. We’re glad Sweet and Herby are coming along. We have more tricks up our sleeves for the Spicy and Smokey guys. But, if we can’t make improvements after more trials, we’re going to have to read the writing on the wall and focus on the ones that are the best. Then, we can finally reveal our secrets, and hopefully one of them will push us one step closer to the final four! Check out the Alexia Foods Facebook page or follow the bloggers chatting about the process under the #AlexiaFoods hashtag.

The Alexia Foods team is providing compensation for our time and products needed to participate in this challenge.


8 thoughts on “Alexia Foods “Reinvent a Classic”: Trial 2

  1. You may have updated it a while ago (we’re a bit behind on commenting) but your blog looks great!

    We love some sweet potato fries. It has taken us a few tries to get them right. These look delicious!

  2. i voted on FB for the smokey ones and they sure look good! I hope you got this. Well, I’m claiming it for you!!! I don’t think I’ve seen smokey fries on the market… at least not sold to the general masses!

  3. I always like to do sweet potatoes with spicy and salty to offset the sugar. Chipotle powder always does it for me with some salt. I usually don’t fry my taters, but now that I have a deep fryer, I will eventually.

  4. I love how you’ve broken up the options into various flavor profiles! You’re way more organized than I am! Can’t wait to see what you end up with!

  5. For smoky, I’m guessing you have tried the two obvious things
    1) chipotle powder
    2) pan toasted cumin

    So I’ll throw out an odd suggestion. What about actually using a pan smoker during the first 10-15 minutes of cooking them? Or actually par cooking them and finishing them on a grill?

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