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Alexia Foods “Reinvent a Classic”: Trial 4

Sweet Alexia Fries #4 - The Duo Dishes

We’re one step closer to picking our final submission to the “Reinvent a Classic” French fry challenge. I am currently traveling around Chicago and Wisconsin, visiting family and old friends. This is the perfect opportunity to solicit even more feedback on the fry flavors we’ve been playing with for the last few weeks. It is crazy how we started this process on June 20th, and we’re already nearing the one month deadline for the flavor submission. We only have a few more days before we choose our best and final fry!

First I must say that for my Spicy and Sweet versions, marinating the raw potatoes in fresh herbs and spices is the way to go. Just put everything into a freezer bag and set aside until you’re ready to cook. The flavors were more pronounced, which makes sense as all the good stuff chilled together for a few hours, sinking deeper into the potatoes. If we make it to the finalist round of the challenge, that’s the method we’ll use.

I had time to whip up a batch of our Sweet variety of sweet potato fries. Everything went great, but there was one mishap. I cut my pinkie and index fingers as I sliced the raw potatoes. Ouch. We’re both known to have some kitchen battle wounds from burning ourselves on various hot surfaces, but this was my first complication involving a sharp object. The second ‘issue’ came up after the last fry was eaten. Every person agreed there was one major problem: “Amir, you didn’t make enough.” It appears the crowd wanted more! That’s good! This was encouraging.

Alexia Fries Herby #4 - The Duo Dishes

Back in Los Angeles, Chrystal baked up her favorite fries–the Herby potatoes with thick Dijon aioli on the side. She said the fries were crispy on the outside, soft on the inside and full of flavor from the dried herbs. Hot from the oven, they paired well with a cold, creamy sauce. In last week’s post, she wondered if frying the potatoes would result in better flavor. It turns out there’s nothing wrong with the 20 minute ride in Ovenville. The herbs stay in contact with the potatoes, and everything takes on a golden, toasted taste.

The Herby recipe has definitely been Chrystal’s preferred version over the Smokey fries. I have been more successful with my Sweet taters too. It seems as though Spicy and Smokey have been our two enemies during this process! At this point, the Spicy variety just isn’t making the cut. This week, Chrystal and I will come together and let her best edition battle it out with the Sweet ones I’ve been making. Whatever happens, we’re ecstatic and confident that the recipe we end up submitting will be worthy of finalist status! Hopefully. May the best fry win!

Check out the Alexia Foods Facebook page or follow the bloggers chatting about the process under the #AlexiaFoods hashtag.

The Alexia Foods team is providing compensation for our time and products needed to participate in this challenge.


7 thoughts on “Alexia Foods “Reinvent a Classic”: Trial 4

  1. Amir, this potato fry tastes a little bit like…….blood? Is this your “Twilight Sweet Potato Fry” recipe? ha ha ha ha 😡

    Just kidding! Glad your fingers are okay and I hope you guys do well in the contest.

  2. omg all the recipes for Alexia look soooo good! Why can’t we have a party to celebrate and eat everyones creations together?

  3. yeah, i was in LA for a full week and didn’t get a simple bite of all this food you two make! wha da wha?! I’m a bit suspicious… i’m still a fan of the smokey fries… either way, hope you make it all the way to the end!

  4. I can’t believe the deadline is almost here either! I love how you guys keep paring it down, week by week. I’m excited to see the final product!

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