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Patience’s Sweet Reward

Alexia Foods Ciabatta & Sweet Potato Puffs - The Duo DishesWe are no strangers to waiting. You probably know the feeling too. Sitting anxiously at an unbelievably long red light when you’re running late for an interview or staring at your cell phone in anticipation for an important call are both dreadful in their own right. Waiting for your friend to get to the point of his story. Waiting for the main course on a restaurant’s hectic night. Waiting for test results to assuage your worries. Waiting for those cookies to cool off a bit so you won’t completely disintegrate the roof of your poor mouth. Waiting. This is the season of waiting, as we both putter around expecting a decision about many things. One of those things is the Alexia “Reinvent a Classic” French Fry Challenge we first mentioned at the tail end of June. After a month of recipe testing, we finalized our flavor and submitted Herbes de Provence and Garlic Sweet Potato Fries. We’re still waiting to find out if our flavor happened to make it to the finalist round. Until the news is announced, there are still many more sweet potatoes to be eaten.

Alexia Foods Sweet Potato Puffs - The Duo Dishes
The folks at Alexia Foods were kind enough to send a box of samples featuring some of their classic and new products. This included Mushroom Bites, Ciabatta and Focaccia rolls, Garlic Baguette, their Harvest Saute and Sweet Potato Puffs. When you’re waiting on one thing, you want to avoid waiting for anything else. That means food too. The Sweet Potato Puffs were half way done when the Ciabatta and Focaccia rolls went into the oven. As they baked, lamb sliders seasoned with garlic, shallots and Worcestshire sauce were mixed together and cooked through on the stove. In less than 20 minutes, the entire meal was ready. The Ciabatta bread feature flavors of rosemary and olive oil, and the Focaccia’s mix of asiago, parmesan and romano cheese made them the perfect complements to the meaty lamb topped with sweet pickles and feta. Have you ever had pickles and feta on your lamb slider? If not, you should do it. No disappointments. The Sweet Potato Puffs were the most surprising frozen side dish ever. They literally taste like tiny pillows of creamy mashed sweet potato with a crisp exterior. The fact that they are baked, not fried, lessens the time you might spend waiting on the scale to go back down to its usual numbers too.

It’s hard to keep your cool when you’re insides are buzzing around like crazy bees. This is all a lesson in patience. Noshing on a few Alexia Foods products is a reminder that the time is near! Soon, we’ll find out if we’ve squeezed our way into the top four finalists. If so, we’ll see many of you at the Foodbuzz festival in San Francisco in November. If not, well, many congrats to the ones who will find themselves there instead.We’ll let you know as soon as we find out!

Alexia Foods provided the samples. The opinions expressed here are our own.


7 thoughts on “Patience’s Sweet Reward

  1. I hope the wait isn’t too long! Keeping my finges crossed for you.

    What a great bunch of products you’re eating. I want those sweet potato puffs. I think I’ll take a dozen lamburgers too.

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