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How Olive Oil And Kwanzaa Go Hand In Hand

Olive Oil, Almond and Lemon Cookies - The Duo DishesThe connection may not be clear right away, but it is there. Yes, baking with olive oil and one of Kwanzaa’s seven principles are in line. It has to do with making steady steps of purpose that make changes in our lives and the lives of those in our larger communities. We are all so very connected by food, so of course, it makes sense that we use our talents and abilities in that sector of our lives to benefit ourselves and those we love. Today, this means swapping out butter with olive oil in a cookie recipe. On a larger scale, it is about the significant health benefits of small changes we make with our favorite and usually traditional foods. If you have yet to hear about Kwanzaa Culinarians, we invite you to take a look at the month long educational, informational and food-filled celebration organized by several bloggers, writers, chefs and business owners in the food industry. On the site, you will find the recipe for the Olive Oil, Almond and Lemon Cookies above, which feature California Olive Ranch‘s Limited Reserve olive oil. You will also find out more about this month’s Kwanzaa project.

We invite you to join our Tweetchat tomorrow at 1:00 pm pst/4:00 pm pst. Follow us on Twitter and use the hash tag #Kwanzaa to participate and win giveaway prizes!


11 thoughts on “How Olive Oil And Kwanzaa Go Hand In Hand

  1. We just made “double chocolate sea-salt cookies” without butter, with olive oil instead. Makes a great healthier substitution! Yours sounds yum yum! Happy holidays from A Couple in the Kitchen.

  2. LOVE! What a nice celebration. I have to admit when I think Kwanzaa and food I embarrassingly find myself thinking of that horrible, horrible Kwanzaa cake that Sandra Lee made so I’m glad you posted these lovely cookies to replace that image and get it out of my head. I also just noticed you switched from Foodbuzz to Foodie Blogroll. Interesting! If you have a moment I’d be curious to hear how you made that decision. (E-mail is fine.)

  3. I love olive oil cakes but have never tried cookies. There is no need to toot their horn, I am sure they are a delicious way to celebrate Kwanzaa or any other celebration.

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