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Your Chance To Follow That Chef

Follow That Chef Annie Miler - The Duo Dishes
If you have yet to make a visit to Santa Monica Place, we have yet another reason for you to make your way down to the fairly new shopping and restaurant locale. The Follow That Chef series organized by Santa Monica’s Farmers Market, Santa Monica Place and The Gourmandise School of Sweets & Savories. Local chefs parade a group of eager participants through the Farmers Market picking out bundles of fresh ingredients that will comprise the morning’s meal. Following the Farmers Market tour, a cooking demonstration will round out the day’s events, allowing everyone to eat together at the cooking school in Santa Monica Place.

Chef Miler Farmers Market - The Duo Dishes

Unfortunately, Amir was unable to attend last Wednesday’s morning series with Chef Annie Miler of Century City’s Clementine, so I went along. I met the morning’s group at the corner of Arizona Avenue and 3rd Street, and once Chef Miler arrived, we walked through the crowd to visit her favorite vendors–Windrose Farms, Coleman Family Farms, Polito Family Farms, Redwood Hill Farm and Rockenwagner Bakery. Back in the cooking school, we circled around the table to watch Chef Miler created a menu around a DIY grilled cheese bar. We were able to create our own sandwiches using a number of ingredients–brioche, olive bread, raisin and walnut bread, oversized pretzels, bacon, sliced scallions, roasted asparagus, a variety of cheese including white cheddar and aged goat cheese, sweet and spicy mustards, tomato jam, Southern chow-chow relish and cornichons. The final menu included an arugula salad with roasted beets, avocado, blood oranges and grapefruit, tomato soup and Meyer lemon granita for dessert.

Chef Annie Miler Granita - The Duo Dishes

Follow That Chef Annie Miler 2 - The Duo Dishes

The Follow That Chef series occurs on select Wednesday and Saturdays of the month. The event is completely free to the public, and you can register online for the class that interests you most. The chefs leading each workshop will offer their own unique take on food and the cooking experience, as well as a personal look into their relationships with local food producers in Southern California. Anyone with a desire to spend a few hours exploring food is encouraged and welcome to attend. There are so many more photos of this event, and they will be posted on our Facebook page this week.

Annie Miler Grilled Cheese Clementine - The Duo Dishes

And if you hadn’t heard, April marks the start of Clementine’s Grilled Cheese Month celebration. There are fifteen grilled cheese sandwiches on the menu, and each one can be paired with a cup of the restaurant’s signature tomato soup. Be sure to grab your sandwich soon before April comes to an end!


10 thoughts on “Your Chance To Follow That Chef

  1. This sounds like such a cool concept that I stopped reading and forwarded a link of this post to the woman that coordinates our favorite local market.

  2. My husband, being a Californian, has introduced me to so many cool places in California but here’s one that I can introduce to HIM next time we visit. This looks like a wonderful way to spend a Saturday (or Wednesday).

  3. What a great way to give people ideas about cooking from the farmers’ market. Very cool that it’s free to the public too. I love the idea of a DIY grilled cheese bar!

  4. Sounds like an amazing event! I’m working with a group that is pushing to eat locally and in season in Mexico City and something like this would be perfect! Great pictures 🙂

  5. Grilled cheese you said??? Yes, count me in. Too bad there’s nothing like that in ATL or DC– at least none that I know of. You guys have all the fun! And, olive bread is the bomb. Had a really goo loaf in Manhattan last year. I’ll have to tell you about that later.

  6. Thanks! So happy you posted this info! I will certainly make a point in the near future to check this out! Looks like so much fun!

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