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Summertime Brunch at Faux Pas Bistro

At the beginning of the month, Chrystal and I met for brunch at LA’s new Faux Pas Bistro. It was a sunny June afternoon here in LA, so we were thrilled to take a break from our busy schedules and enjoy a nice meal while taking in the summer breeze. And we did just that! As weather permits, Faux Pas’ street-facing wall allows for people watching and glorious flowing air in between the tables. What was even more special about this brunch rendezvous was the fact that we were meeting on a Friday. Brunch on a weekday? Yes, please!

As we were seated, we immediately noticed the offering of mimosa flavors. The options included Jalapeno Mango, Blood Orange, and Pear Cinnamon. The pear option stood out to both of us. In no time flat, we were toasting to the summer with our Pear Cinnamon Mimosas. These were by far our favorite flavors of the morning. The pear puree added the perfect sweetness to the drink, which was complemented by the cinnamon spice. Oh, and did we mention they were bottomless! Unlimited mimosas for brunch is the best way to ring in the summer.

Pear Cinnamon Mimoas, our favorite

We did sample a couple of other drink flavors. The Jalapeno Mango, though very good, did not quite come together in the way our taste buds were hoping. You could definitely taste the essence of jalapeno, but it lacked that spicy kick we both were expecting and missed. (We acknowledge our zeal for spice may be stronger than most folks.) We also sampled the Prickly Pear Mimosa, which was a special item not listed on the menu. It was a lovely blend of bitter and sweet, achieving just the right balance between these two flavor profiles. You really can’t go wrong with any of the mimosas here, but the pear is definitely a must try!

As we took in the warm sun and just began to enjoy our drinks, the head chef, Oz Ramuco, came over to greet us. He was very gracious and offered to do a menu tasting inspired by our favorite things to eat. He asked us a few brief questions about our most-liked foods and culinary restrictions (no food allergies here!), then boasted, “I know what to bring for you two! Just forget the menu.” Chrystal and I exchanged a few curious and excited glances to each other, unfolded our napkins and prepared to dig in.

Black Mussles with chunks of Spanish chorizo, chablis and cream
Granny's Fried Poulet, a cripsy fried chicken sandwich with lettuce and housemade sweet pickles on a brioch bun

Apparently we weren’t actually ready for what was about to come. One by one, enormous plates came to our table with food literally spilling off of them. The portion sizes were gigantic! Our server told us they like to encourage a more family style eating dynamic at Faux Pas by giving larger portions. It’s also their way of making sure you take a bit of Faux Pas home with you you in a to-go bag. Chrystal and I love this form of dining, where you take some and pass it down the table until your individual plate has a sampling of everything. Of course, being just the two of us that day, a doggie bag was definitely necessary.

This was most apparent when our final, and largest, plate came to the table with the Bacon and Cheddar Buttermilk Pancakes. The platter was huge. And there were two of them! We should also mention that the battery to Chrystal’s camera died at this point. Luckily my iPhone was handy, so please excuse any discrepancies between the photos.

Their bacon cheddar pancakes say hello.

At this point in the meal, we were beyond full, but a serving of bacon infused pancakes somehow managed find its way onto each of our plate. (I never turn down a good pancake.) What was special about this one was for sure it’s square shape. I am a pancake connoisseur, and I’ve never been served a square pancake at a restaurant. Besides its fun shape, they were topped with homemade butterscotch. That topping was out of this world! Our only criticism is that there wasn’t enough of it. We thought it would have made a great syrup to serve with the pancakes, or we would’ve settled for a larger helping on top of the platter. If we’re gonna eat such a indulgent meal, why not go for gold?

A serving of pancake with maple syrup.

Faux Pas was a pleasant dining experience. The paint still had a crisp, new finish. The colors were bright and inviting with a comfortable, homey vibe to the interior design. The staff was congenial and friendly. Located in the heart of LA at the bustling intersection 3rd and Fairfax, this new eatery, which adds its own contemporary spin on French fare, hopes to make a splash as the new kid in the neighborhood.

It should be clear to everyone by now how much of a brunch fanatic I am. Learning about Faux Pas Bistro’s daily brunch made me immensely overjoyed, as most brunches in the area are customarily on the weekends only. I have my short list of places to get in my brunch fix during the work week, so I am happy now to add Faux Pas to the list.

Faux Pas Bistro
7910 West 3rd Street
Los Angeles CA, 90048
(323) 424-4767

Disclaimer: We were treated to this brunch courtesy of Faux Pas Bistro and Spacecraft Group. All opinions are our own.

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