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Chef Robert Irvine Powers Forward With Avocados

Robert at Subway - The Duo Dishes
Photo courtesy Zocalo Group

Last month, I attended an event at the Universal City Subway restaurant. Amir unfortunately was unable to attend, so he missed out on the chance to meet Food Network’s Chef Robert Irvine. The Restaurant: Impossible star partnered with the sandwich chain to let more people know about the health properties of avocados. Chef Irvine pledged to eat avocados every day for 85 days in a row. It seems like a lot, but when you consider the very many ways in which they can be eaten, you know that the fruit is versatile. After a few years of California life, we are fully on the avocado’s team. They are creamy, buttery, smooth, filling and full of healthy fats for your body. The key to fully appreciating avocados is to use them for more than just guacamole!

Robert Behind Counter - The Duo Dishes
Photo courtesy Zocalo Group

Chef Irvine is obviously a man who does not play games with his health. He is very active and always makes exercise a priority. We all know that you cannot maintain a balanced lifestyle without a balanced diet. The life of a chef can be very demanding and overwhelming when it comes to food, but Chef Irvine makes sure that he eats well at home and on the road. That’s where avocados come in. During a quick interview, he acknowledged how great avocados are for the body and mind. They are a good source of vitamins and fiber. Yes, more than three-fourths of an avocados calories are derived from fat, but it’s monounsaturated fat–very similar to the good fats we love in olive oil. It’s a good thing folks!

In addition to avocados health benefits, it is easy to transform into a multitude of dishes. Chef Irvine decided to hop aboard Subway’s “Add-vocado” campaign because he was already one of their devoted patrons. He found the variety of sandwiches to be better, more nutritious “fast food” choices while on the road. How funny that a man who grew up across the pond never even had an avocado until his early teenage years. Now he’s encouraging you to eat them with wild abandon.

Robert Avocado Season - The Duo Dishes
Photo courtesy Zocalo Group

Maybe you’re one of those people who is still wondering just how crazy you can get with avocados. You can be insane with avocados! Chef Irvine suggested one of my personal favorites–avocado fries. This is in no way a full recipe, but we have a suggestion for you. You can bread and fry the avocado slices if you like, but all you really need to do is drop them in beaten egg white and roll them in a mix of panko crumbs and oatmeal seasoned with salt, pepper and your own favorite mix of spices. Drizzle the coated slices with a bit of olive oil and bake them until golden brown. Chef Irvine wants you to leave our the mayonnaise and use whipped avocado and Greek yogurt as a spread. If you want to be daring, try his idea for an avocado panna cotta. We think you oughta. For more ideas, check out the Subway Facebook page.

I said we’re big avocado fans, so if you want more ideas, check out a few of these: avocado dip, orange avocado salsa, mini blta whoopie pies. Be sure that you enjoy your summer foods of course, but don’t be afraid to add-vocado any time!

Disclaimer: This was a media event sponsored by Subway and Zocalo Group. We received no compensation for this post. All opinions here are our own.

4 thoughts on “Chef Robert Irvine Powers Forward With Avocados

  1. Ooh, whoopie pies. Sounds interesting. I’ve loving avocado’s in my hair as a fortifier! LOL. In food, I love most in turkey sandwiches or in salads with olive oil, vinegar and s/p. So good. Glad to see the versatile fruit making a loud statement with such a big guy!

  2. I had the BEST FREAKING AVOCADOS EVER last weekend at a local food truck – fried avocado tacos. YES!

    When you mentioned his fries, it made me think of that.

    Irvine is so fat and out of shape isn’t he? (ha ha, obviously NOT)

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