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Superba Snack Bar Opens Its Doors To Venice

Superba Pop Up Menu - The Duo Dishes

Venice is most likely quite proud to have Superba Snack Bar listed in its rank of top restaurants. Chef Jason Neroni and Paul Hibler, co-owner of Pitfire Artisan Pizza, joined forces to open the new eatery smack dab on Rose Avenue. Chef Neroni treated a few bloggers and media to an evening of tastes from his new menu prior to the restaurant’s opening. Now that the restaurant has officially opened, there is still buzz about what’s next for the seasonal menus.

Superba Beer Sangria - The Duo Dishes
Beer Sangria – Belgian white, prosecco, chardonnay and apricot juice
Superba Green Salad - The Duo Dishes
Eclectic Acres greens, Superba ricotta, blossoms and pickled jalapeno dressing
Superba Chicken Liver Mousse - The Duo Dishes
Chicken liver mousse, Langers rye, pickled celery and balsamic cherries

Amir missed out on a great meal. A very great meal. I will be sure that he makes his way down to Venice, so we can give the full menu a try. Have you ever tried a beergarita? It’s a sweet margarita cut lovingly with the addition of a crisp beer. Superba started our meal with their beer sangria. The name says it all, and so does the taste. It makes me second guess my love for the beergarita as a summer cocktail. It paired well with many of the heavier dishes eaten later in the evening. Our starter courses set the mood with creamy, rich chicken liver mousse, sharp rye and tangy pickled celery and balsamic cherries. The tender housemade ricotta on the salad, along with a slightly spicy jalapeno dressing, popped over a bed of greens. Crisp potatoes covered with smoked ham and a runny duck egg was a playful mix of textures and salty bites that made you want a bit more. The opening acts were right on.

Superba Potato and Ham - The Duo Dishes
Potatoes, bottarga, smoked ham, black truffles, duck egg
Superba Ramps Bone Marrow Pizza - The Duo Dishes
Ramp, ramp greens, tellegio, creme fraiche and smoked bone marrow pizza
Superba Rigatoni Bolognese - The Duo Dishes
Rigatoni with lamb bolognese, orange carrots, black garlic and ricotta salata
Superba Porchetta Sandwich - The Duo Dishes
Porchetta, arugula, preserved lemons and green garlic confit

The larger samples were very impressive. Admittedly, I found the pizza to be far more intense than I would like. The bone marrow overpowered the delicate ramp greens and smooth creme fraiche. After a couple of bites, I found it all very overwhelmingly. As for the pasta had a velvety bolognese with gamey lamb, sweet carrots and pungent black garlic. The housemade ricotta salata added a high note to each forkful. It was the porchetta sandwich that may have taken the entire night to a new level. I do love porchetta, and when it is paired with spicy arugula and sweet preserved lemons, the impact is powerful. I’m sure everyone at the table wished they could have one to take home for later.

Superba Panna Cotta - The Duo Dishes
Black pepper panna cotta, strawberries, anise, vincotto

The evening’s end came with individually presented panna cotta with berries. Pepper and berries is a combination that was new to both Amir and I until a couple of years ago, which is a shame. This panna cotta demonstrated that sweet and spice belong together forever. The berries sat atop the custard in a dreamy mixture of hyssop and vincotto. Chef Neroni pulled together a swoon-worthy sweet to round out our entire meal.

Now that Superba’s doors are open, it’s your turn to check out what’s in store. The location is very small, and they do not accept reservations, so be patient if you find it hard to get a seat. It is worth the wait.

Superba Snack Bar
533 Rose Avenue
Venice, CA 90291
(310) 399-6400

Disclaimer: This meal was provided courtesy of Superba, Pitfire Artisan Pizza and Wagstaff Worldwide. All opinions are our own.

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