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Sergio’s Test Kitchen…Part 2

Oatmeal and M&M's Cookies 1 - The Duo Dishes

I met Sergio long before he did his first Guest Test Kitchen feature on this blog three years ago. We met during college and spent a couple of fun years going to parties, working together in the student Union and supporting our fellow Tar Heels at sporting events. If only we had cooked together at school, maybe we would have spent more time in the dorm kitchens instead of swiping our meal cards. I’m looking forward to the day when he comes back to LA (he’ll tell you that I owe him a trip, but we won’t bring that up), so he can finally attend a Duo dinner party. He has always been a great support for Amir and I when it comes to blogging, and I think I owe him a meal for that. Or maybe he’ll settle on a batch of cookies similar to the ones he’s sharing with you today. Here’s Sergio flexing his baking muscle!

Sergio Oatmeal and M&M's Cookies - The Duo Dishes
“I have always been a huge fan of desserts and sweets, especially homemade cookies! When I was a Peace Corps volunteer serving in Guatemala, every other Sunday I would make these cookies and share them with people in my village. They loved it so much that at one point people were knocking on my door wanting more! These easy to make, tasty and sweet cookies can compliment a BBQ cookout, serve as a housewarming gift or even be passed around at company holiday parties. The M&M’s are what gives this dessert the colorful look!”

Note: This recipe comes from All Recipes.

Oatmeal and M&M's Cookies 2 - The Duo Dishes

5 thoughts on “Sergio’s Test Kitchen…Part 2

  1. We confirmed with him that he used margarine, but the original recipe has butter. We’re definitely butter fans over here!

  2. The cookies look mouth watering, especially with the addition of the M&Ms. But, the Blue Bonnet margarine is in the photo, but butter is in the recipe. Definitely gotta use real butter! 🙂

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