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Holidays Are Always So Sneaky


Palm Trees Ventura - The Duo Dishes

Can you guys believe we’re edging upon Labor Day weekend? Wasn’t it just the Fourth of July? Or maybe we’re getting it confused with Memorial Day. Either way, the summer came, and now it’s trying to leave us so soon. Once you’ve escaped the scheduling confines of the educational system, the months blend together. You lose that sense of summer that meant no homework and sleeping in until noon. That’s why us grown folks rely on these major holidays to alert us to the beginning, middle and end of our sunny season. We spent this past weekend in Ventura County sucking down Kumamoto oysters and picking the meat out of Manila clams. Our third seafood boil took place days before Labor Day, so we could both enjoy the three day weekend as previously planned. Regardless, it was our farewell to summer. Here are a few of our tips to make your Labor Day party a smash.

San Buenaventura Park Sign - The Duo Dishes
1. Choose an awesome location. Put your name in early to reserve your apartment complex’s recreation room near the pool. Snag the best grills at the neighborhood park. Convince your friend with the amazing kitchen and a decked out backyard to let you host your party (and take any responsibility for unfortunate accidents) on their property. It’s the summer, and everybody wants to be outside. We have a plethora of beaches within driving distance, so we like to choose kid and pet-friendly spots that work for everyone.

SEafood Boil Prep List - The Duo Dishes
2. Make a list and check it thrice. As the years go by, sometimes you become forgetful. That’s why I live by lists. Amir and I always start our party planning with email threads, including mile long ingredient, equipment and prep lists for the occasion. They are always full of notes and task assignments, so we both know who is bring what where, who is buying what when and who to give the side eye if something is forgotten! It’s usually the biggest help with our planning process.

Fallen Plate Seafood Boil - The Duo Dishes
3. Don’t stress if something goes wrong. If a huge flock of 20 seagulls flies over your table and begins attacking a pile of potato chips in a bowl, don’t worry! It’s going to be OK. If you’re like me, you might scream and run away, but someone will help you regain composure and handle the situation. Keep in mind that there will always be someone to help you when you need a hand.

Amir Seafood Boil - The Duo Dishes
4. Again. Don’t let anything stress you out! Amir’s stress peak is much lower than mine, so rest assured, he was most likely just making this face to be funny. But it is really funny!

Chrystal Cocktails Seafood Boil - The Duo Dishes
5. Don’t forget to eat. And drink. If you’ve ever hosted your own party, you may find that you’ve run around for at least four hours without tasting one bit of the dishes you made. Perhaps you’re a bit frazzled, tired and incoherent. That’s when you need to stop and take care of yourself. Your friends may put three or four drinks in your hand. You should accept them. Just make sure you eat a little something too. Keep your energy up!

We like to keep our wits and sensibilities about us when it’s time for a party, and the folks with Bacardi Classic Cocktails Light feel the same way. They want you to send off summer with ease. Here are a few other ideas that you may find fun and helpful. Have you ever thought about freezing lemonade in ice trays and popping the cubes into tea for a tart and sweet addition? What about using cookie or biscuit cutters to shape mini pies for dessert? If you want a lightened version of one of your favorite cocktails or just a tad less white wine, try a split of soda water in the glass. (This actually works very well with Bacardi Classic Cocktails Light!)

And here are a few recipes to try!
Brown Sugar Pickles
Sweet and Spicy Pepper Pinwheels with Cream Cheese Dip
Red Stagg Beef Short Ribs
Chile Lime Shrimp Wraps
Potato, Asparagus and Cherry Tomato Salad
Peach and Blueberry Almond Pie
Horchata Ice Cream

#SeafoodBoil Sand Ventura - The Duo Dishes

All of these photos are just a few of the pictures taken this past weekend at our seafood boil. We’ll share a recap, along with more photos next Tuesday. Stay tuned for details about our end of summer party!

“BACARDÍ Classic Cocktails Light is a new line of low calorie, ready to serve cocktails. At less than 95 calories for a 4-ounce serving, BACARDÍ Classic Cocktails Light is available in Pina Colada and Mojito flavors and is made with natural flavors, real juice and pure cane sugar. Whether enjoying a favorite cocktail after a long day or throwing a party, BACARDÍ Classic Cocktails deliver classic cocktail taste that’s a hit with friends, won’t add inches to your waistline and won’t take all day to prepare.”

Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Bacardi via Glam Media. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Bacardi.”


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10 thoughts on “Holidays Are Always So Sneaky

  1. Amir and I must share the same stress tolerance threshold. Great list of ideas to keep in mind not just now but through the party season of tailgates and the holidays.

  2. Hi Chrystal and Amir. Because I’ve long followed and admired your blog, I’ve nominated The Duo Dishes for a Very Inspiring Blogger Award. If you accept, then please visit my Flavorful World at the following link for instructions on how to claim it: http://wp.me/pUg5b-GU

    Thanks for doing what you do to make such a memorable and positive impact on the lives of others.

    Already looking forward to your next post,
    Flavorful World food and drink blog

  3. Thanks for the great tips and yes I can’t believe that Labor Day weekend is upon us! I’m in the process of planning my son’s 1st birthday party and I’m making tons of lists and revising as I go along, it’s definitely helped to keep me on track.

  4. I got plenty of tips for ya! Will be back to share but had to say that I’m a fan of seafood boils even though I don’t shellfish. Oh, and that orchata ice cream? Pretty genius!

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