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Introducing the 2012 Foodie E-Cookbook

Peach & Nectarine Hand Pies 2 - The Duo Dishes
Happy weekend friends! It’s back-to-school season for many of you parents out there, and we know that can be a wacky transitional period for any family. Even for us child-free folks, we feel the pull of fall. For some reason, even though school days are far behind us, the sense of summer’s carefree fun seems to fade away as soon as September hits. It’s time to get to business and focus on the year that is just a few months from its end. That time can be so busy that you don’t even notice which day is the present, and before you know it, it’s December. How frightening. One way to stay on top of a hectic schedule is to make sure meals remain a sacred place, if you will. Choose belly-warming recipes that make you, your family and your friends feel like the days have a rewarding end once dinnertime hits. That’s where the 2012 Foodie e-cookbook, Family Flavors, comes into play.
Pork & Apple Skewers - The Duo Dishes

Family Flavors is Foodie’s first cookbook featuring recipes from 30 contributor’s to the website. We hosted a party featuring Bacardi Cocktails Light and created two dishes–pork skewers and stone fruit hand pies–that find themselves nestled in the pages of the book. We invite you to check out the recipes, in addition to recipes from so many talented cooks. The book is free and available for download, so hop to it. If you need any help or inspiration with your fall cooking, we’re sure you’ll find the answers in this book.

Note: There is a missing ingredient in our recipe for Peach and Nectarine Hand Pies. It appears the nectarines are not listed! You can find the complete recipe on our Foodie page.

Disclaimer: We were compensated for participating in the cookbook. All opinions expressed here are our own.

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