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Preview to the Remix

Generic collage - The Duo Dishes

The 4th Annual Los Angeles Street Food Fest is fast approaching, a one-day tasting event where eager eaters gather to sample some of LA’s newest and most prominent food vendors, stands, chefs, pop-ups, restaurants, carts, and more. A week ago, I was lucky enough to be invited to a media preview of this year’s food fest. Nearly a dozen select food venders packed into LA’s Guelaguetza Restaurant, where they shared tastings of their dishes ahead of the main event. It was a night of gluttony, for we all spent a couple hours tasting a variety of flavors that spun all over the food spectrum.

Below are some highlights of the evening. The actual event is sure to be exponentially greater than this mini-preview, so be sure to get your ticket for game day before it’s too late. This year, like in the past, is sure to sell out! Here’s to happy eating.

Downtown LA now sports a distillery, the Greenbar Distillery, who was there mixing up samples of their original City of Angels cocktail.
Ceviche collage - The Duo Dishes
The duo of ceviche offerings, one from Ceviche Project (the top, a shrimp ceviche with uni habanero salsa and avocado mousse) and another from El Coraloense (ceviche and camarones ahogados). Both were winners!

The awesome Chunk-n-Chip ice cream trunk offered a few flavors to sample. I tried their Drunk Monkey ice cream sandwich, made of warm graham cracker cookies with banana cream pie ice cream with bourbon and salted caramel. Did I mention they serve all their ice cream sandwiches with warm cookies? Truly divine!

Chunck-n-Chip collage - The Duo Dishes

Dante Fried Chicken - The Duo Dishes
Dante Fried Chicken pared with Short Order to serve up their Sock-It-To-Me Fried Chicken and Coconut Honey Black Sesame Biscuits. In additions, Short Order tossed in a serving of a Pickle Plate with Grilled Bread and some of Pimento Cheese.
Delish collage - The Duo Dishes
D’elish Sandwich Shop by Tiara Cafe passed out Pastrami Smoked Short Rib Sliders.
Mexican Food collage - The Duo Dishes
At the top, Casa Oaxaco offered amazing Squash Blossoms with Quesillo and Epazote in a Huitlascoche Sauce. Below, Yuca’s Restaurant shared their signature dish, the Cochinita Pibil (oven-baked pork in a bed of banana leaves and their special blend of spices).

The Donut Snob displayed an array of their decant doughnut flavors and toppings, like maple bacon, raspberry lemon, peanut butter glaze, salted caramel, and toasted marshmallow, to name a few.

Donut Snob collage - The Duo Dishes

Empanadas collage - The Duo Dishes
World Empanadas had many varieties to try: Carnitas, Santa Fe Chicken and Beef, and vegan Quinoa and Lentil Empanadas. Fantastic!

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