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The Duo’s Ethnic Exploration: Spain

Fried Chicken Olive Empanadas - The Duo Dishes

Sunday, September 15 marked the first official day of Hispanic Heritage Month, and it continues through Tuesday, October 15. My friend Bren of Flanboyant Eats is celebrating the month with a showcase of guest posts from food bloggers, which is quite fitting, wouldn’t you agree? It was high time for an Ethnic Exploration post to continue our series, so the timing seemed to line up quite well. During the winter of 2011, I spent about a week in Barcelona, and of course, the majority of my meals were full of tapas. Many evenings, my friends and I would find ourselves with a table full of plates and glasses of cava or sangria. With the memory of Barcelona in my mind, I decided to make empanadas at home. Although this is not the first time we have explored a recipe with strong Spanish roots (check out our alfajores), this one is a savory creation rather than a dessert.

For the full post and recipe, head over to Flanboyant Eats.

FEHHMbadgebloggers - Flanboyant Eats

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