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Sharing Sunday Dinner Ideas;colid=6571683:Collection:3240631;authorid=6571683:Yuser:896477;userid=6571683:Yuser:896477;es=1;

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Depending on how you look at it, Sunday is either the end or the beginning of a new week. Some people want to wrap up the seventh day with an easy meal, while others use it as a full day of preparation and cooking for the evening and rest of the week. It is always a good idea to have Sunday dinner recipes on hand that are simple and quick, in addition to a few that may require a few hours of cooking. With that in mind, here are a few recipes that you can use to spice up your Sunday dinner routine.

Foodie Sunday Dinner Collection Collage - The Duo Dishes

Sunday dinners can be small, meant to only feed a couple or family of four. Other times, they can be big affairs, meant to serve a crowd. These recipes are great options for the latter. There are stewed meats, which could easily be scaled up for a group. Chilis and soups are always crowd pleasers, so there a definitely a few of those. No matter what you choose to make this coming Sunday, don’t forget a round of cooking always ends in a pile of dishes. Luckily for you, more than half of these suggested meals are made in one pot. Hopefully you’ll spend more time with your loved ones at the table instead of a sponge and gloves at the sink.

What is your favorite Sunday dinner dish for a crowd?

Disclaimer: This recipe collection collection is part of a compensated sponsorship with and Glam Media.

5 thoughts on “Sharing Sunday Dinner Ideas

  1. My go-to for a crowd is my lagasna. Everyone loves it, but I really hate cooking it. I need to do the one-pot thang! My peoples are coming over this Sunday, in fact.

  2. Girl… you know I have to correct you on one non-food related matter — Sunday is the 1st day of the week, not the 7th… 🙂 Now on to food! Sundays are super chill over here. Nothing major… the rest of the week is so intense that I like to lay low on Sundays and just mentally prep for what I will be making. We typically go for a simple soup from scratch… BTW, what’s the second dish pictured?

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