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Best Recipes for the Perfect Mother’s Day

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Happy May everyone! We’re nearly halfway through the year, and that is just a crazy thing to even consider. May’s primary holiday is Mother’s Day, and it is usually a when people head out to brunch as a treat to mother. This year, why not create an awesome meal at home? Here are a few recipes to try that will hopefully inspire you to experiment with mom’s favorite ingredients and flavors.

Best Mothers Day Recipes Foodie - The Duo Dishes

Maybe it’s not the best idea to include the word “perfect” this post title. Perfection is relative. And for some, especially those who find that cooking is not their strong suit, preparing a meal for anyone is far from a perfect idea. That’s why there are three very simple recipes in the mix–two drinks and a dessert–that only require a short amount of time. Spend the day pampering mom instead of stressing in the kitchen. Whether she’s into seafood dishes, spring veggie pasta, baked quick bread, cookies or cocktails, these recipes should make her smile.

No matter how you choose to spend Mother’s Day, make it special for your special person. No doubt, she will enjoy whatever you have in store!

Disclaimer: This recipe collection collection is part of a compensated sponsorship with Foodie.com and Glam Media.

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