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Winter’s Best One-Pot Meals

Check out Winter’s Best One Pot Meals

by The Duo Dishes at;colid=6571683:Collection:6416064;authorid=6571683:Yuser:896477;userid=6571683:Yuser:896477;es=1;utm_c=Comfort_in_One_Pot;

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When it comes to cooking, the less clean up, the better. Outside of blogging, I work on various television and online projects that center around food–cooking shows, live chef demos, talk shows with chef guests, commercials, etc. Sometimes, we have someone on our team who handles all of the dishes. It’s the biggest saving grace you’ll ever know! There’s nothing like cooking when you don’t have much to clean. Perhaps, at your house, you have a trade off with the voracious eaters at the table. You cook, they clean. Unfortunately for me, I don’t have anyone to scrub my plates and bowls–hired or otherwise–so a one-pot meal makes my life that much easier. And with less clean up, the meal somehow tastes better. Here are a few one-pot meal ideas that would be great for you to try this winter.

Winter One Pot Meals Collage - The Duo Dishes

One of my favorite dishes featured in this collection is a Mixed Mushroom Couscous with baby bella, shiitakes and white mushrooms. A very simple dish, yes, but mushrooms have their own rich, unctuous flavor that enriches a meal. Always a fan of ‘shrooms, I stand behind it 100%. Peanut and Chicken Stew is high on my list thanks to all of the veggies and creamy peanut butter stirred into the pot. This dish is suited o your tastes. If you’re a big peanut fan, add a little more nut butter. If you just want an essence of the flavor, use less. I’ve made a few variations of this one-pot meal, including a huge helping for a non-profit’s healthy living workshop last year.

Most recently, a fantastic one-pot meal to hit the table, and this blog of course, was Saffron Split Pea, Potato and Bacon Soup. It was inspired by Pea Soup Andersen’s Inn in Buellton, CA–apparently, a mainstay for classic pea soup. If soup doesn’t screw one-pot meal, I don’t know what does. One-pot meals aren’t limited to sauce pans and stock pots. A Crock-Pot is the vessel of choice for Braised Brisket and Asian Slaw Tacos. The braising liquid is a mixture of bourbon, dark beef, beef broth, soy sauce and brown sugar with a medley of root vegetables that give the sauce a rich, earthy flavor.

The key to keep in mind with a number one-pot meals, specifically soups and stews, is that the final result is built on levels. You can’t just toss everything into the pot and expect greatness. It happens in stages. Coaxing maximum flavor out of each layer is the way to a satisfying meal. Brown or sauté mirepoix vegetables until they pick up a golden hue, add wines or other alcohols to the base to elevate ingredients and include fresh herbs during the simmering process and as a garnish. Develop your own methods for bumping up the flavor of your one-pot meals. Everything in this list freezes very well, so save any leftovers for another day. Plus, clean up is easy. Let’s not forget that. Winter’s best one-pot meals are up for your viewing pleasure on!

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