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Cooking Live With SORTEDFood

SORTEDFood Camera - The Duo Dishes

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Last week, a few local food bloggers spent the evening cooking with the guys behind SORTEDFood. The British quartet behind the food and recipe-sharing site are currently on the U.S. leg of their #LostandHungry tour that includes hopping from city to city, tasting some of the best specialties in that region. NBC’s The TODAY Show is a partner along the ride, sharing videos and interviews from the road. While they were here, Erika behind Not Ketchup hosted a meet-up and dinner party at her home. A select few of us uploaded recipes to the SORTEDFood website, and a crowed of folks packed into the kitchen for an all hands on deck kitchen experience.

SORTEDFood LA Dinner Party Collage - The Duo Dishes

With so many cooks in the kitchen, I’m not surprised that we cooked several dishes in just a couple of hours, including Jennifer’s (KitchyCooking) Chocolate Port Cake. Just behind me, Lana (Bibberche) prepped her Serbian Potato Salad, and to my left Emily (Gluten-Free with Emily) went to town on her Strawberry Salsa. Erika’s son lent a hand, or rather two, as he stripped fragrant stems of oregano at the counter, then moved over to the stove to stir a pan full of garlic, onions, fennel and tomatoes.  I decided to make Garides Saganaki for the occasion. You can’t go wrong with tender, sweet shrimp, kalamata olives and an abundance of feta cheese.

SORTEDFood LA Dinner Party Collage 2 - The Duo Dishes

It’s funny how many food bloggers there in this city. Some how this night was pretty much full of many new faces, which was really nice. Kelly from TastingPage really entertained the SORTEDFood team with her spiralized Butternut Squash Noodles in Sage Butter. Tanaya from Tanaya’s Table and Diana from The Episodic Eater were excellent helpers, lending four hands to anyone who needed assistance. Although she may not be a food blogger, Deva was also not afraid to get her hands into everything, serving as a sous chef and general bright light for the group. As we cooked, the SORTEDFood crew also prepped alongside or asked questions along the way to get more information about the recipe and its inspiration.
SORTEDFood Dinner Party - Freza PalermoWe eventually sat down to a big dinner featuring all of our dishes, including Erika’s seared lamb chops with her Blueberry White Pepper Sauce. There was a big salad and crusty bread to accompany the medley of dishes, as well as wine and beer of course. For dessert, the gorgeous chocolate cake was the centerpiece. The entire event was a fun and interactive version of SORTEDFood’s Big Night In video series that features them cooking together and sharing the experience with viewers. It was a pleasure to not only have been part of this dinner party, but also to share one of my favorite recipes with everyone else at the table. The communal element of eating with a group, sharing something nourishing and satisfying, is one that I’ll always appreciate about food.

Thanks to Freza Palermo for taking so many great photos during the night, and thanks to SORTEDFood for inviting me to join the party. We’ll see where the #LostandHungry tour takes them! For now, check out their recap of the night, and follow their blog for upcoming events.

Disclaimer: I was invited to participate in this event. All opinions are my own.

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