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Piri Piri Roasted Vegetables

Roasted Piri Piri Vegetables & Pork 2 - The Duo Dishes

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Yesterday, I shared a guest post on the Kwanzaa Culinarians site. For the last few years, I have contributed content along with my thoughts on one of the founding principles of Kwanzaa. It’s one of the least understood holiday celebrations during this time of the year, and in many ways, it is controversial within and outside of the African-American community. Despite that, the principles are important, and they do have meaning that are worthy of exploration. Check out the page to learn more about these principles and what they mean to a number of bloggers who are sharing their thoughts and feelings this season. And if you like what you see above, be sure to head over there for my recipe for Piri Piri Roasted Vegetables.

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