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Adding A Green Giant Balance To Dinner;postadid=5000104528

Green Giant Seasoned Steamers Carrots - The Duo Dishes

In our own separate ways, Amir and I try to balance our ridiculous love affair for decadent foods with healthier choices and physical activity in order to minimize the damage. I always joke with my physical trainer friends that the best group to target as clientele is comprised of chefs, food writers and food bloggers. We spend our days in the kitchen, pouring through cookbooks, plopping butter pans, spooning batter in prepared muffin tins, slipping spoons into heavy dips, sampling cocktails for parties and beating whipped cream for desserts. This is all before sitting down at the table to enjoy one of the day’s meals. Some of us realize how rough it can be to manage your love for food and make sure your new pants still fit next summer. Once again, you have to go back to basics and create meals that satisfy both sides of the line.

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The Duo’s Ethnic Exploration: Greek

Cooking Shrimp Saganaki - The Duo DishesIn just over a week, I will be in Greece. That is why we are sharing a recipe from the land of extensive history, beautiful landscapes and dishes that make the cuisine a favorite amongst many. Amir will not be there during the trip, so I’ve taken it upon myself to lead the course for us both. Perhaps I’ll eat for two. And not because I am pregnant! Greek food has long been high on my list as a ‘favorite’, even though the Libra in me has a hard time signifying anything as a favorite. The Greek won me over with their passion for life and food with everyone around them, related or not. The idea that anyone in the house is family is one that rings true for me and those around me. We When there is a sizzling plate before you and your loved ones, all you want to do is share. This month’s Ethnic Exploration features a dish that is perfect for doing just that.
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Seafood Boiling, Boiling, Boiling

The Jolly Oyster Table Weight - The Duo Dishes

It happened y’all. Seafood Boil 2012. The third year was the biggest, and perhaps we should say the best. But that means we’ll have to really kick it up a notch if we do it again next year, so let’s just stick with the word biggest for now. We have fully recuperated and are now sharing a bit more of the fun with you. We’ve already popped up a couple of teaser posts with photos from this year and times before. It’s always nice to reminisce and share, especially when it comes to good food. Take a quick ride with us down memory lane, even if the memory is only less than two years old. Continue reading “Seafood Boiling, Boiling, Boiling”

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Going Loco With Tacos

Grilling Sockeye Salmon - The Duo Dishes

This has been a week of fish tacos! Are you sick of it? Hopefully not yet. Here are two more fish tacos to send you into the Cinco de Mayo weekend. Make sure the cerveza is cold, and slice up the limes. We know just how you should spend the weekend, and maybe it will include Alaska Seafood. Over the last few months, we have created fish taco recipes that have become part of Alaska Seafood’s fish taco promotion. As we wrap up the promotion, here are the final two recipes we’ll share with you that will hopefully find their way on your plates. Continue reading “Going Loco With Tacos”

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Happy Taco Tuesday

Ensenada Style Fish Taco The Duo Dishes

Though it is technically Monday, we imagine by the time you’re actually reading this it’ll be Tuesday! Here’s our latest Alaska Seafood fish taco contest entry. For April’s edition, we salute “Taco Tuesday,” which has become a common food fixture all over the country. As you can imagine, “Taco Tuesday” is especially popular around these parts of Los Angeles. There are a plethora of food joints near us that boast various taco specials every Tuesday, adding in their own celebrations of the fish taco. My personal favorite place for fish tacos, away from our kitchens of course, comes from a little whole-in-the-wall Mexican food chain in Long Beach called Hole Mole. Every Tuesday, you can get any taco on their menu for $1. Of course, all the tacos at Hole Mole are spectacular, but it’s their Ensenada style fish tacos that earn the crown.
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Add Some Life

Thanks to Kitchen PLAY, Chrystal and I were invited to participate in the International Olive Council’s (IOC) new “Add Some Life” campaign. It’s a campaign crafted with the sole purpose of praising the all-mighty olive, and doing its part to inspire all of us to incorporate olives and olive oil into our regular diets. I was particularly excited to be a part of any campaign that champions olives, because frankly, I love those little guys. Whether green, black, stuffed, Spanish, Greek, or other, olives are already a mainstay in my diet, and olive oil is a regular item on my shopping list. Continue reading “Add Some Life”

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Batter Up

Cornmeal Crusted Fish Tacos - The Duo Dishes

It has been a quiet time in the DD blog and social media world, but we’re here. We’re definitely here. We’ve been cooking and still using our friends as guinea pigs for the first-time creations that slide out of pots and pans. We made a few tacos, and a couple of friends came over to enjoy the experimental trial. Over dinner (and a bottle of champagne), we chewed and chatted, catching up, laughing and talking about upcoming events. There’s nothing that a little food can’t fix, even when you’ve been absent for a while.

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