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Balsamic Molasses Skirt Steak

Balsamic Molasses Skirt Steak 1 - The Duo Dishes

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Grills have been working overtime this summer, offering a break from my usual post in front of a hot oven. I don’t need to explain how cooking on those sizzling grates adds depth of flavor to the final dish. Last week, you may have caught the recipe for lamb steaks cooked on a grill. Well, now you have steak of anther kind–skirt steak. This quick cooking, fairly inexpensive cut of beef takes on marinades easily, making it a great choice for your favorite flavors. Here’s a skirt steak recipe that’s sweet, tangy and slightly spicy. The marinade, sweetened with molasses, transforms into a sauce, so nothing goes to waste.

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Making a Come Back

Strawberry Cinnamon Balsamic Tarts - The Duo DishesTwo strawberry recipes in one week. Two strawberry and balsamic vinegar recipes, actually. What can we say? It was a good summer for strawberries and balsamic. They were eaten in a number of ways, including au natural, and each time, they’re super sweetness left a lasting impression. For one of their best applications, strawberries were served in mini tart shells on two separate occasions. Let’s set the stage. The first time, circles of dough were cut out of leftover puff pastry. The rounds were baked until they puffed, then topped with a mascarpone filling and macerated berries. The tarts were served at a work get together, and they were a hit. That led to the idea of bringing a revised version to a friend’s rooftop housewarming a couple of months later. For the second go around, they were a hit. That’s why there’s no shame in sharing this recipe with you.

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Sergio’s Test Kitchen

Sergio cooks-Duo Dishes

We have great friends who like to cook as we do. More and more, our amigos are sending us Facebook and Gchat messages about what they just made.  If we’re lucky, we’ll get a text with a photo.  As foodies, we are easily excited by meals that we make ourselves, but it’s nice to see our friends beaming with pride over their dishes.  Sergio is a good friend of ours who lives far across the world in Harlem, New York.  He’s made several trips out to LA, and believe it or not, during those visits, we’ve never cooked for him nor he for us.  We do know that he likes to throw parties for friends and invite them over for holiday dinners every once in a while, so clearly he must know what he’s doing.  He was delighted to receive an invitation to be the August guest for our Test Kitchen series.  Let’s see what he’s cookin’, shall we?

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