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Caramelized Peach Chess Pie

Whole Caramelized Peach Chess Pie - The Duo Dishes

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Oh, how I love pie. I think I like it more than cake. That’s a toss up when it comes to someone like me who admittedly has a penchant for sweets. I really do try to balance an adoration for sugar with fruits, vegetables and grains, which makes every dessert indulgence worth the rush. In late June, I made a couple of pies for my grandmother, and my crust recipe yielded three balls of dough, not just two. With an extra homemade crust in the freezer, I decided to make a pie for July 4th weekend. It’s summer, and a fruit pie is always welcome at the table. With a bag of frozen peaches on hand as well, I knew exactly what to do with this one.

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Bless Your Heart

Brown Butter Brown Sugar Chess Pie Unbaked Crust - The Duo Dishes

“Bless your heart” is the quintessential Southern phrase. Grandmothers say it, aunties say it, mothers say it, daughters who have heard it so many times from their grandmothers, aunties and mothers say it. “Bless your heart” is indeed a blessing, a greeting, a warning, a phrase of lament, a declaration of surprise but, more often, part of a sweetly packaged criticism. It can be a cover up–a way to be polite when you actually have impolite thoughts flying through your head. Amir and I both attended college in Chapel Hill, NC, which is its own special place in the state. I often heard Southern Belle-like girls tossing out this phrase here and there, and the meaning was quite clear to me–disapproval reigned supreme. “Bless your heart” came to mind during the making of this pie, but not because something was a no-no. Rather, this pie was a double decker yes. Partnered with a fork scraping the plate clean, all you could do after each bite was say “Bless your heart”. Continue reading “Bless Your Heart”