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Thanks Martha

Butterscotch Tart - The Duo Dishes

One evening over the 4th of July holiday weekend, I found myself with an unusual episode of insomnia. As I clicked through the channels on my remote control, I came across a familiar TV personality on PBS: it was Martha Stewart! I settled on her cooking show, that was just getting starting, and watched her detail the makings of a perfect dessert tart. At nearly 1:30 in the morning, this was not helping me to fall asleep. Instead, I grabbed pen and paper and took notes while drooling over her beautiful creations. Fast forward to a couple weeks later, I was in need of a dessert for an upcoming dinner party. I remembered my desire to make a tart after watching her show. That’s when I decided this would be a great opportunity to make Martha proud with one of my creations. Continue reading “Thanks Martha”

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Getting into the Spirit

Glogg - The Duo Dishes

We’re getting into the spirit of the season just like everyone else. In addition to the gingerbread men, peppermint delights, and traditional Christmas cookies, we love to include an adult treat in our Holiday repertoire of goodies. I enjoy eggnog as part of my winter routine. Chrystal, on the other hand, is not the biggest fan of dairy, boozy drinks. Being that many of my in-laws have a Swedish heritage, I thought a glogg recipe would be the perfect alcoholic seasonal beverage to share. Continue reading “Getting into the Spirit”

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Doing The Most

We’re back from San Francisco, and we have great news. We are finalists in the Alexia Foods “Reinvent a Classic” Challenge! Our Garlic and Herbes de Provence Sweet Potato Fries must have won over the Alexia Foods Research and Development team during the summer contest, and now we are one step closer to possibly seeing our flavor suggestion in stores nationwide. Voting has already begun, and you can cast your ballot here! You can vote as much as you like from today through April, so pretty please let the world know if you would love to see herby French-style sweet potato fries in stores. We’d appreciate it so much. If we win this one, you’re all invited over for a tasting! We’re also hosting a giveaway sponsored by Alexia Foods, that includes an apron, coupons and a copy of Tyler Florence’s Family Meal! But now…let’s get back to the food, shall we?

Chrystal and I have a saying that we utter more than any other. If you follow our Twitter feed, or have spent any length of time with either of us, it’s more than likely you’ve heard the phrase “doing the most” somewhere in the conversation. I’m not sure of the exact origins of this phrase, but it has solidified itself into our everyday vernacular. This expression can be used in almost every context in regards to one’s behavior or actions. The “most” simply refers to overwhelming circumstances or acting in a way that far exceeds the necessity presented by the situation. Well, that is precisely what happened when I ventured to make the popular Mexican drink horchata. If you never thought you could make horchata at home, here’s a recipe to show you that it’s possible. Continue reading “Doing The Most”

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The Duo’s Ethnic Exploration: Afghan

It’s the end of the month and time for our next Ethnic Exploration. This time around, we were at a loss to what region of the world we wanted to tour. It’s a big world out there. We just didn’t know where to go next. I randomly suggested doing something Middle Eastern again, and that seemed to peak Chrystal’s interests somewhat. Then both of us remembered a mutual friend of our’s raved about Afghan cuisine, and a few months ago, Chrystal met two guys who swore up and down that Afghan food was at the top of the list of their favorite Middle Eastern cuisines. Admittedly, we are ignorant to specific dishes that fall into the category, but with such emphatic response from others, we knew this would be something interesting to try. We were well on our way to the Middle East. Continue reading “The Duo’s Ethnic Exploration: Afghan”

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Making a Come Back

Strawberry Cinnamon Balsamic Tarts - The Duo DishesTwo strawberry recipes in one week. Two strawberry and balsamic vinegar recipes, actually. What can we say? It was a good summer for strawberries and balsamic. They were eaten in a number of ways, including au natural, and each time, they’re super sweetness left a lasting impression. For one of their best applications, strawberries were served in mini tart shells on two separate occasions. Let’s set the stage. The first time, circles of dough were cut out of leftover puff pastry. The rounds were baked until they puffed, then topped with a mascarpone filling and macerated berries. The tarts were served at a work get together, and they were a hit. That led to the idea of bringing a revised version to a friend’s rooftop housewarming a couple of months later. For the second go around, they were a hit. That’s why there’s no shame in sharing this recipe with you.

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Our Gift to You

Tate's Bake Shop Cookbook-The Duo Dishes

Sometimes you just need a cookie to make things better. Several cookies in fact. Sometimes several cookies arrive at your doorstep, and all is right in the world. When the folks at Tate’s Bake Shop asked if we’d like to review a copy of their new cookbook and sample cookies, the answer was yes. The South Hamptons bakyer is located on the East coast, so we were unfamiliar with it, but it appears the New York Times, Everyday with Rachael Ray Magazine and even the woman we want to adopt us–Ina Garten– have applauded their sweets. These all seemed like promising sources of recommendation. Plus, it’s the time of year when baking runs rampant, so why not add another book to the collection and hopefully a great cookie to the pile. We are often offered the opportunity to review products, but we try to stay in line with things that we would actually enjoy. Now, the Tate’s Bake Shop Cookbook is on that list. It’s the season for giving, and we’d love to send a little something your way as part of the celebration.

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It’s Time for Recipe Testing

Tamarin Product Kit-Duo Dishes

We often receive emails about new products to try, and most of the time, we are game for the challenge. Recently, a representative of Tamarin shot an email our way offering a jar of the new product. This was a new product to hit the States after making its European debut in 2008. The thick spread is based on the popular Speculoos–a traditional Belgian wafer cookie flavored with cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger made especially for St. Nicolas Day in December. The same flavor notes appear in the spread, especially the scent and taste of spices. Due to the popularity of the cookie, it’s easy to find them year round. Having never tasted one of these cookies, it is difficult to fully understand how good they may be, so perhaps that’s where Tamarin comes in. It was time to give it a test in the kitchen.

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