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Screaming for Citrus

Lemon Parmesan Chicken and Penne 1 - The Duo Dishes

We are suckers for citrus. There are some things that are repeated over and over on this website, and our mutual love for citrus flavors is one of them. You can pop the zest of any lemon, lime, orange, grapefruit, tangerine, kumquat even, into a dish, and we’ll adore you for doing so. There’s something about the essence of the oils that perfume and linger over the nose and tongue, making citrus a perfect complement to any recipe. You can try to refute this fact if you like, but it’s a battle you will not win with us. The need to zest also gives you the perfect excuse to invest in another gadget for the kitchen, so pull out your Microplane friends! It’s time to citrusify your food.

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Billy’s Test Kitchen

Island Pork Salad Duo Dishes

It seems everyday we learn that one of our good friends loves to cook and does it often. And not frozen dinner, food-out-a-box-heat-it-in-the-microwave type of cooking. They’re actually doing it up in the kitchen–fancy dishes from scratch, using fresh ingredients, and plating the food in ornate styles with decorative garnishes. Maybe we’re just getting older, but it’s clear that times have changed since beans and weenies, ramen and instant macaroni and cheese out of that blue and yellow box dominated dorm room food. Has it been that long since graduation? Yikes!

When we found out an old college friend of ours, Billy, is now a passionate cook and throws down in the kitchen, we were floored! We should aware of such things, being the avid cooks that we are. Sadly, though, this is not always the case, especially when separated by all of those states between California and the East coast. Billy was excited to share his favorite, all-time greatest, best ever dish in life, which happened to be a healthy salad. It’s exciting for us because we felt his enthusiasm for this dish. So much so, we will be making it for ourselves stat! In the meantime, check out what Billy had to say.

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Just a Little Spark

Have you ever made something once and then become determined to use it over and over again in new ways? Let’s use simple syrup as an example here. It’s such an easy, and occasionally necessary, component for a cocktail or sweetened beverage, but we do have some friends who didn’t even know that you could make it yourself. With just a little sugar and water, yes, even you can make your own simple syrup. It’s a blank canvas that can be adjusted and flavored however you choose. Once you have the base, you can add it to just about anything. Make a big batch and store it for all those times your recipe needs a little something sweet.

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Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough

Lemon Polenta Cookies-Duo Dishes

Is it possible to tire of a favorite food? When does the madness stop? We love us some polenta.  Polenta, polenta, polenta.  As we’ve said many times, we could eat it for breakfast, lunch, dinner…and dessert?  Yes.  Dessert.  The addition of polenta in desserts is not new.   The ones that stand out the most are the cakes–chocolate, lemon, orange, cherry!  There are some nice recipes floating around this wide world of web, and one day we will try them.  You mark our words.  But right now, it’s all about the cookies.  Because cookies are a good starting point, we’ve decided to show you these.

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When Good Intentions Go Wrong

Egg Yolk Coconut Cookies
Ugly, dry cookies.

Although we don’t remember every lesson from the earliest days of school, the one that should remain is basic counting. We’ll return to this point shortly.

We had an angel food cake to make, which meant there would be a dozen yellow yolks just waiting to be used. We are not ones to waste our scraps. Crème brulée, flan, a fatty omelette, ice cream, even the Sinful Forbidden Dancing dessert…the choices were all there there. Instead, we decided to test a very basic recipe for an all egg yolk cookie. We had most of the ingredients and substitutions for the things that were missing. It would be a quick fix with our own added flair. We were ready to taste them! So ready we forgot that baking is all about measurements…and counting.

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Citrus is Our New Black

Lemon and zest

How easy is it to pick out your favorite ingredient? If you had to pick just one, would you blurt it out quickly or would it take a few minutes to decide? Sometimes it feels like you’re shunning the rest of the cooking world’s little gems with just one word. That’s why we’re going to cheat and use one word that really encompasses several complimentary, yet unique ingredients–citrus. Just go to the search bar on this page, type in lemon, lime, orange or zest, and a million of our recipes should pop up. We love citrus fruits. The flavors are always so clean and fresh, they accentuate other ingredients, and they can add great color to a dish. There’s nothing better than popping it into a recipe for extra, yet subtle oomph. Continue reading “Citrus is Our New Black”