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Vegan Coconut Orange Cookies

Coconut Orange Cookies Raw 2 - The Duo Dishes (1)

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For nearly eight weeks, I’ve been working on a new project called 30 to Lifestyle. It’s a health, fitness and wellness site done in partnership with my friend Christa behind Coaching with Christa. There’s a challenge element set to launch on September 1, which will include a month of workouts designed by Christa and recipes written by yours truly. To make it all the more interesting, we have sponsor companies who have donated products that we’ll giveaway as prizes! One of the prizes includes cookbooks to inspire your at-home kitchen experiences. I received a cookbook from one of our sponsors, Quarto Publishing Group, and the first thing I did was try a couple of simple recipes. That’s where these cookies come into play. They’re an easy and quick treat that you can throw together in less than 10 minutes.
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Chocolate Coconut Hawaiian Bread Pudding

Chocolate Coconut Hawaiian Bread Pudding 1 - The Duo Dishes

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As much as I desperately want slightly cooler weather and very distinct signs of winter, Los Angeles refuses to cooperate. We’re supposed to be under the raging grip of El Niño, but if you ask me, it’s been quite anti-climatic. At least in my part of town. There have definitely been issues in regions of California–eroding coastlines,flooded highways, heavy snowstorms–but this past weekend, in my hood, the temp was in the low 80s. That’s not winter if you ask me. But it’s what we have, so what can you do? All I can do is keep eating all of my favorite winter foods, even when the mercury is high. So bread pudding is here to save the day. Because with bread pudding, it can feel like winter no matter what’s going on outdoors.
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In The Hole With Dole

Dole Pineapples Can - The Duo Dishes

Cake is here! Do you want a piece? Probably. It’s nearly impossible to say no to a hunk of fluffy cake full of sweet fruit, covered with whipped cream and scattered with coconut. It is also nearly impossible to say no to an invitation to join a local Blogger Summit. Dole Packaged Foods will host several bloggers for a couple of days of hanging at the headquarters with the Dole team and learning more about the brand and its products. Accepting the opportunity happened as quickly as one would say yes to a plate of this poke cake.

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Another Year, Another Seafood Boil

The Jolly Oyster - The Duo Dishes

Here it is, folks–another year, another boil! We are ecstatic to celebrate our 4th Annual Seafood Boil this year. On September 22, Chrystal and I gathered near the beach with friends and a hefty spread of food. On this easy Sunday afternoon, the skies were clear, the sun was blazing, and the air was filled with a nice, subtle breeze. Summer is nearly over, but that didn’t stop us from enjoying a little fun in the sun. Continue reading “Another Year, Another Seafood Boil”

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Sneak in More Vegetables

Berry Smoothie - The Duo Dishes

It seems the last several weeks have had their share of indulgent meals, so I was craving something easy and light to help even things out. That’s when I remembered a health tip a fitness instructor told me years ago. She said an easy way to add a nutritional punch to any smoothie is to replace the ice cubes with frozen broccoli. Broccoli? In a smoothie? I imagine we had the same reaction to that suggestion: “ew, gross!” She swore you cannot taste the broccoli, and you get the same texture as if ice were used. Chrystal and I are always on the hunt for new cooking tricks and easy food tips, especially when it comes to healthy eating. I gave it some more thought, and my curiosity started to outweigh my dubious feelings. Can’t taste the broccoli, huh? Guess there’s only one way to find out! Continue reading “Sneak in More Vegetables”

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The Duo’s Ethnic Exploration: Sri Lankan

Some serendipity was involved with this month’s Ethnic Exploration. As Chrystal and I were planning out our EEs for the rest of the year, we were tapped by someone on Twitter out of the blue. A man named Tim, the founder and owner of White Lion Imports, hit us up to see if we’d be interested in trying out a Sri Lankan spirit he just started distributing in the U.S. It’s no secret that the Duo loves a libation. Always down to try something new, we decided to give it a go. As the three of us chatted further, though, it became clear that we should collaborate on a culinary exploration of Sri Lankan cuisine. For the first time, we’d have an expert at our disposal, serving as a direct liaison into this new food world on which we were about to embark. Off we go! Continue reading “The Duo’s Ethnic Exploration: Sri Lankan”

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Where Lost Is Found

Spiced Walnut Bar 1 - The Duo Dishes

There are some ingredients that keep so well in your freezer. Flours, polenta, homemade cookie dough rolled into individual balls and ready for the baking. Nuts too. If you are someone who packs away bags of raw nuts–we’re not talking about Planters here–then you know what it means to have protein-packed snacks on hand at any time. The unfortunate thing is that nuts can spoil, so as the temperature starts to rise, keep your nuts in the freezer. Their natural oils will prevent them from actually freezing, and you’ll be able to toast, chop and grind away without worrying about potentially rancid ingredients. Just don’t forget they’re in there. Then, when you feel like baking up a sweet treat, you can make these walnut bars. Continue reading “Where Lost Is Found”