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The Duncan Hines Debacle

Duncan Hines Hip Hop Cupcakes

Rarely does our blog venture into the world of relatively serious political or social commentary. This is a place to share recipes, food photos and anecdotes about the fun and funny things that happen in our lives. But there has been a bit of a controversy in the baking world, and it is something that affects both of us and maybe some of our readers. Last week, Duncan Hines launched its Amazing Glazes line of frostings with a commercial advertising campaign for “Hip Hop Cupcakes”. Vanilla cupcakes are placed on a table top, covered with a squeeze tube of chocolate glaze and then grow faces and begin to sing. It sounds very cute of course, but a large number of people found fault with this commercial almost immediately. We were in the bunch who felt a twinge of discomfort. The faces had large, buggy eyes and overgrown pink lips that harken back to the images of African-American blackface characterizations seen in the days of America’s minstrel show history. And this is where the controversy began. So much so that Duncan Hines pulled the commercial from its Youtube channel. Messy situations always leave crumbs, and many people across community lines are expressing how they feel about the issue.

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