It’s the Simple Things

Is the sandwich underrated? Maybe you hold it in high regard, but over here, it doesn’t get too much attention.  That is a shame because two slices of bread can deliver a world of wonder to your lips. When you’re home and want to create an easy lunch, the sandwich is your answer. You can give it a fancy touch or keep it plain and simple. Eat it warm or keep it cold. Pack it with a ton of fillings or leave it slim and defined. With its mix of carbs, protein and of course a little fat, the sandwich delivers just about everything you need to fuel yourself for the day.

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Breads & Muffins

Much Better This Time

Lemon Ginger Cream Cheese Muffins-Duo Dishes

Let us say that the original run at the rodeo with this recipe was a disaster.  Of massive proportions.  Imagine a muffin recipe that calls for sour cream, buttermilk or yogurt.  You purchase sour cream during the day at work, but when you’re home and ready to get to it, you realize the sour cream is still sitting in the fridge ten miles from your current location.  Instead of running out to purchase the missing ingredient again, you use regular milk. Well, this would probably be fine and dandy any other day, but the recipe is citrus packed–full of lemon juice and zest–resulting in a curdled batter that, when baked, produces muffins that are heavy, sunken and chewier than expected in the middle.  Just a little rain on this parade!  We had to do it again, and this time, we’d use the proper ingredient.

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