Street Love

A few weeks ago, Amir spent a weekend in Sedona, Arizona. While there, he enjoyed dinner at the Elote Café, which is proudly named after the popular Mexican street snack. Now widely available in the US, elote is simply grilled corn on the cob rightfully glorified with chile spices, lime juice, cheese and mayonnaise. Naturally, Elote Café had its namesake on the menu as an appetizer, but their version featured the corn cut off the cob and served in a small bowl alongside fresh corn tortilla chips. We’ve never seen that before! We made our own version of the traditional street food last summer using a chile lime sauce with crema Mexicana and queso fresco. Amir loved this dish so much, he immediately texted his plan to make a version immediately upon returning to LA. And here it is!
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Poultry & Pork

Bigger’s Not Always Better

You can interpret the big versus small debate however you choose, but there’s nothing wrong with the smaller side of the spectrum.  Ask  all of the people who make mini bundt cakes, mini muffins, mini pound cakes and mini cupcakes.  The last mini treats here were a few batches of Apple Pie Cupcakes for Stir It 28.  If something is small, you can pop it into your mouth in one bite–two if you’d like to give off an air of restraint.  In an effort to stay true to our love for pot pie, this attempt to make a savory serving for one was the most fitting way to have your pie and eat it too.

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The First of Many

The list of recipes to try from fellow bloggers grows with each day. We have come across too many recipes that would be made that second if there was enough time. Unfortunately, all the time in the world usually does not exist. It would be worth it to give more recipes a test run, and there’s no time better than…today. Joy the Baker always has mouthwatering posts throughout the weeks. There are probably more than we could ever make, but one of the fairly recent ones was a keeper. Not only did it look appetizing, but it was also timely. No better reason than that to give it a try.

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We Like It Hot…Kinda

Fajita fixins-Duo Dishes

Have you ever added spice to something with slight trepidation in your heart?  Gently shaking ground cayenne pepper on chicken cutlets or lightly tossing extra sriracha into a steaming wok of fried noodles, all the while afraid that the outcome may be too hot to handle.  We like kick in our food, but we have accidentally added a bit too much, and once it’s in there, it’s hard to cut.  Call us wimps if you like, but we just can’t handle it. We try to ride the line between spicy tingle and burnin’ ring ‘o fire mouth.  Although we both come from a line of folks who like to toss on those ‘kick your a$$ to high heaven’ or ‘not for wussy wimps’ hot sauces, we just haven’t been able to work our way up to sweating while we’re eating.  It’s not our style. We hit the kitchen with a desire for something that would ride the line without sitting too far on either side–not too bland and definitely not overwhelming.

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Revisiting an Old Friend

Black Bean & Cotija Dip 1The first cotija culinary adventure proved to be so interesting that we went back at it again. This time, we were going for quick, easy and hearty. One of our favorite friends possessing all three traits is the black bean! It’s really versatile–from soups to brownies. Yes, brownies. Just Google it. So after a successful foray with cotija, we figured it’d be a perfect match with black beans. Black beans in a dip formation. There are a lot of black bean dips in the world, but most of them tend to be blended or partially mashed, which was exactly what we didn’t want. It’s more fun to actually see what you’re eating. And so we went with the tried and true layer action. Perfect for chip dipping!

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