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It’s OK To Be Sneaky


It just might be perfect timing that one of the last recipes featured on the site showed you how to make an alfredo-esque sauce using acorn squash. An easy way to trick the brain into enjoying a healthier version of a creamy sauce for pasta. Well, what you see above is another slick use of veggies if you will. Sometimes when you trick people with a clever food surprise, they either love you for it or feel a little wary of what other things you may have been slipping onto their plate. Maybe you have to ride the line of when to tell them all the details. But you’re only doing them a favor, right? Just keep saying that to yourself until you feel comfortable with your cunning ways.

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It’s the Simple Things

Is the sandwich underrated? Maybe you hold it in high regard, but over here, it doesn’t get too much attention.  That is a shame because two slices of bread can deliver a world of wonder to your lips. When you’re home and want to create an easy lunch, the sandwich is your answer. You can give it a fancy touch or keep it plain and simple. Eat it warm or keep it cold. Pack it with a ton of fillings or leave it slim and defined. With its mix of carbs, protein and of course a little fat, the sandwich delivers just about everything you need to fuel yourself for the day.

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Using the Goods

During the summer, we both received boxes of fresh fruits and veggies from Farm Fresh to You, and it was a challenge to figure out how to use them all before they went bad. We are not wasters here, so every bit of those boxes was used up in some way. Lots of light, summery dishes were on the menu, including a panzanella, lettuce wraps and tomato salad. This time, another gift of carrots, celery, onions and potatoes were handed over. Due to the chilly weather, it was definitely clear that soup would be a great way to use most of the goods. A creamy, savory, bright soup to make us forget about all the dreary cold rain here in Los Angeles. Or at least appreciate being home more during the dreary cold rain while it lasts.

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Poultry & Pork

This Is When You Know It’s Worth It

chicken-pot-pie-the duo dishes

Sometimes it’s easier to throw in the towel and go pre-made.  We’re all busy with insert-word-in-blank, and it takes a lot of time to really do some of the things by hand that maybe we should.  Like make pie crusts.  We love Mr. Pillsbury.  That squishy dough man has appeased our food yearnings with biscuits, toaster strudels, crescent rolls, pizza crusts, and brownies for years.  He’s also rolled out his share of pie crusts.  We’ve had many, many years of Pillsbury pie crusts, and we’ve enjoyed.  But there’s nothing like one you make with a mean combination of real butter, a pastry blender, and a little bicep/tricep action.  Our grandmas and the Pennsylvania Amish knew what they were doing!

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Special Events

Foodbuzz 24, 24, 24: A Tipsy Dinner Party

Liquor bottles

When the call went out to Foodbuzzers that it was time for the February 24, 24, 24 event, the idea for our proposal came to mind immediately.  Just by looking at the picture above, maybe you can guess what it was.  Now don’t get scared.  We did more than just whip up drink concoctions by the gallon.   No, we did much more.  There are great applications for spirits, but of course the ones we are most interested in are cooking and baking.  Hence, “A Tipsy Dinner Party” was born.

The world of spirits–liquor, not ghostly apparitions–spans from dark to clear, bitter to sweet, full bodied to light.  They are excellent additions to a number of meals.  No need to worry about truly being tipsy after a meal peppered with alcohol.  Good for us, most if not all the actual alcohol burns off during the cooking process, leaving nothing but flavor.  Continue reading “Foodbuzz 24, 24, 24: A Tipsy Dinner Party”

Breads & Muffins

A Craving for Crunchy

lemon-dill-flatbread-hummus1Surely you’ve been to a restaurant where you were served some sort of amazing nibble that you just had to have again but felt it would only be possible if you returned to said restaurant? Or perhaps you’ve picked up an expensive box of ‘whateveryouwanttocallits’ from an overseas gourmet shop. For us, it’s usually a bread, cracker, crouton or otherwise carby treat. If you take a little time and do a bit of research, most of these things can be made at home, which is comforting. One example would be flatbreads! They’re are some amazing flatbreads on the market, and we’ve had some really great ones with soup and salads from high end restaurants, but today’s just a day when we want crunchy crunch without paying for a pricey lunch. And so the at home flatbread test begins!

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