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Breaking It In

Mint Pea Hummus-The Duo Dishes

The relationship between a home cook and his or her food processor is sacred. That is why it was a day of mourning when my merely 6 month-old food processor suddenly bit the dust not too long ago. What caused it to stop working one day without warning? Guess we’ll never know why these things happen. Thankfully, though, a new and improved food processor recently entered the picture, and this one even doubles as a blender! Chrystal recently received a new food processor too, and we’ve both been blending up soups, spreads, dips and more. Here’s a fun, Spring green recipe that works perfectly for anyone who wants to initiate a new kitchen tool.
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When Two Become One

Rosemary Breadsticks & Onion Pear Dip-Duo Dishes

We’re in San Fran right now as you’re reading this, but we had to put a post in queue in our absence. This is a dip made not too long ago that was a bit of an experiment, as some of our recipes are from time to time. Have you ever felt nervous that one of your brilliant food ideas would not translate to the plate?  Perhaps you were hit with an epiphany the night before, and when you’re actually putting the elements together, you begin to feel tiny twinges of doubt.  No matter how much of a cook you are, there is no guarantee that each dish will be a success.  Following a sun-dried tomato and basil dip that disappeared faster than you can say “Sally sold seashells by the seashore”, there was the need for another quick appetizer idea.  We decided to move ahead with this shaky idea and just see what would happen.
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Carole’s Replicated Recipe

Caroles RR 10 2009

Another friend of ours recently hit us up to be a guest blogger on the site and take part in our Replicated Recipes feature. Carole is a twenty-something Georgia transplant here in Los Angeles who also loves everything food. We were delighted to have her try out one of our dishes and report back with her experience. As we mentioned with the last Replicated Recipes, it can be a tad nerve-wracking to have someone new cook your recipe and give feedback. It’s not always guaranteed that the outcome will be the same, nor do we know for sure others will even like the taste of the finished product as much as we did. We’re glad to report her remake of the Sun-dried Tomato and Basil Dip was a success.  It even appears others enjoyed it as well (*phew*). Thanks for playing, Carole!

Oh, and she and her husband have their own blog that you should check out. It highlights tips on going green in today’s ever-changing world.

Take it away, Carole!
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