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You Silly Little Tart

Tomato Zucchini & Feta Tart-The Duo Dishes

Choosing a blank canvas that can be painted with anything is the way to go in the kitchen. Take a simple tart shell for example. You can go super savory and layer it with vegetables, meats and cheeses, or you can choose the sweet side and slather it with fruit, chocolate, custards and caramel. Which one do you prefer? On this side of the fence, either one sounds good, but there seems to be more fun with the savory side. Plus, it’s a great way to pile on as many items that will fit in your mouth for each bite, and for the most part, you may feel less guilt. Now, if you are one who always feels guilt free after a bite of a sugary dessert tart, then ignore that last sentence. Hey, we can’t judge at all! If the savory tart above could speak, it probably would’ve asked for a dessert companion to pair with the meal.

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This One’s For You

You could say this post is dedicated to Curtis Stone. We both attended KCRW’s Good Food Live Australian cooking demonstration and wine tasting. Curtis Stone was one of the chefs on deck that afternoon, and he made a remarkably fantastic mustard-brushed rack of lamb that was rolled in fresh herbs. It was out of this world. Why hadn’t we thought of doing that? As much as we both talk about our love for fresh herbs, we’ve never used them to clothe meat. Perfect idea. This was a meal that must be attributed to Curtis Stone and this simply genius idea.
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Sergio’s Test Kitchen

Sergio cooks-Duo Dishes

We have great friends who like to cook as we do. More and more, our amigos are sending us Facebook and Gchat messages about what they just made.  If we’re lucky, we’ll get a text with a photo.  As foodies, we are easily excited by meals that we make ourselves, but it’s nice to see our friends beaming with pride over their dishes.  Sergio is a good friend of ours who lives far across the world in Harlem, New York.  He’s made several trips out to LA, and believe it or not, during those visits, we’ve never cooked for him nor he for us.  We do know that he likes to throw parties for friends and invite them over for holiday dinners every once in a while, so clearly he must know what he’s doing.  He was delighted to receive an invitation to be the August guest for our Test Kitchen series.  Let’s see what he’s cookin’, shall we?

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Foodbuzz 24, 24, 24: Creativitea on the Grill

tea-Duo Dishes

We’re a tad frazzled with this month’s 24, 24, 24, but we hope our vision comes together for you in the end!  When Foodbuzz sent out a call for entries, we submitted our proposal just a couple of hours later.  The idea was buzzing in our heads, and we knew it’d be so fun to complete.  Unfortunately, we weren’t chosen.  Boo.  But one week later, we received word of a last minute cancellation, which meant there was room for us to squeeze in.  Yay!  We really love hosting these types of events for our friends, so needless to say, this was a great way to roll into the upcoming weekend.  And then it hit us!  We had a lot of planning to do–planning that we clearly had not been prepared to do.  So we went back to square one and started to re-brainstorm from where we’d left off following the proposal.  From there, it was nothing but a blast!

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It’s Not Delivery

Roasted Peppers, Spinach and Feta pizzaAnd it’s not DiGiorno! Thanksgiving is so full of cooking that by the time the weekend comes around, the idea of going back into the kitchen may not be at the top of the list. We admit that no matter how much we love to cook, we enjoy our lazy time as much as you. Pizza is so fast and easy to whip up. We’ll show you just how fast and how easy.
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