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Ring The Bell For Spring

Butternut Squash, Butter Lettuce and Quinoa Salad 1 - The Duo Dishes

It’s officially spring! At least, we think it is. Our Los Angeles weather is doing that crazy thing it does when cold, rainy days are followed by hot, sunny days. It’s a schizophrenic kind of season right now, so all we can do is go with it. The last few days have been gorgeous, light and bright. Just the kind of weather that dictates what you want to eat. This recipe is one of those ‘go with it’ kinds of dishes. It features a winter squash in what could easily be a summer staple. We’ve shared a number of quinoa recipes on our site before, including our last Ethnic Exploration of Peru. This time, we’re using quinoa, along with lettuce, to create a twist on salad.
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We Just Had To Do It

Blackberry and Goat Cheese Salad with Blackberry Vinaigrette - The Duo Dishes

You’re probably asking yourself if those are indeed blackberries in this salad. Yes friends. Those are blackberries. There were two recipes sitting in our shared vault of dishes to share, and this was one of them. Make that three if you count the strawberry shortcake Amir made last year. We have said numerous times that the days, and sometimes months, slip away from us, and we miss the prime opportunities to share recipes when they are timely an at their peak. In the end, we have determined that even an untimely recipe posts deserves its time in the spotlight. Especially if it is easy to adapt using ingredients that are more readily available. That is why this salad with blackberries is here today. Continue reading “We Just Had To Do It”

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Mona’s Test Kitchen

Stuffed Figs - The Duo Dishes

I never knew that I would meet this hilarious woman named Mona at an Italian event in West Los Angeles. I’m happy that we met that afternoon because we’ve remained in touch since then. It wasn’t until we exchanged our first email that I realized she had a blog, Cook This…Get Laid, that would make me giggle (and make some take notes). We have continued to cross paths at various food events and parties, and soon, I hope we’ll cross paths in a kitchen. It’s time for a cooking collabo. And it’s also time for her to meet Amir! For now, she’s sharing one of her favorite summer recipes for you and whomever you want to impress. Continue reading “Mona’s Test Kitchen”

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Add A Few Veggies To Your Dessert

Beets & Strawberries 1 - The Duo Dishes

Rising to a challenge is something that we both enjoy. We signed on to participate in this round of KitchenPLAY fully knowing that the key ingredient would be Aunt Nellie’s baby whole pickled beets. As we waited to find out the assigned course, Amir and I plotted our course of attack. When we received the email that said dessert was our chosen path, I had a mild panic attack. I love beets, but in a dessert? Uncertainty struck. During our planning process, I repeatedly asked, “Um, what are we going with beets in a dessert?” Amir remained fairly calm, but I bet he was racking his brain too. We had officially been entered into the battle round with a tricky ingredient! Continue reading “Add A Few Veggies To Your Dessert”

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Looking for a Push

Penne with Goat Cheese, Mascarpone and Olives

This has been an exhausting month. We’ve been celebrating new jobs, birthdays galore, the arrival of good friends, checking out new restaurants and just enjoying all things fabulous about fall. Somewhere in there, we’ve been expected to cook. It’s possible that little piece of the pie fell through the cracks. Of course, we enjoy cooking, but perhaps this is one of those times when it felt like we had to make something. For the sake of the blog, for the sake of our readers. Is this how it feels when people get a bit of the blogging blues? If there’s one thing we both want to avoid, it’s the feeling that cooking is a chore. Some activities are hard to enjoy when they feel like obligations. When times like this arise, you find an easy way to solve the problem.
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Rediscovering the Possibilities

It is so easy to be lazy in the summer. Sometimes you just don’t feel like cooking! Your boss is getting on your last nerves, so you run out of the office to escape. Traffic’s terrible (as usual), and the ride home feels like an eternity. You walk in the door, and all you want is to pour a glass of wine–not turn on the oven. We’ve all been there, no matter how much you enjoy to cook. There are many ways around this, and one of them is planning ahead, but another is keeping your mind open. Instead of making a big meal that feels daunting at the time, think about what is light, easy and satisfying. Fresh vegetables are so easy to make into quick, varied meals. Plus, they make the perfect summer dish when the sun is high, and your patience is low. And you can still have that glass of wine. We’d never take that away from anyone!
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More Cheese Please

Baked spinach tomato goat cheese-Duo Dishes

Cheese is up there in our top ten list of foods.  Gouda, cheddar, brie, mascarpone, manchego, asiago, halloumi, havarti, swiss, cotija, paneer–doesn’t matter.  We don’t care if it came from a down home Wisconsin farmer or monks in the French Pyrenees.  If it’s cheese, we’ll eat it.  One of the favorites is chèvre.  Although chèvre literally translates to ‘goat’, when applied to the cheese, it typically refers to the soft version that can be spread or dolloped on anything.  Feta cheese is the semi-hard form of goat’s milk cheese that a lot of us love in Greek dishes.  Goat’s milk has less fat, calories and cholesterol than cow’s milk, which means that cheeses from goat’s milk are naturally leaner.  That gives us a weak excuse to use it as much as possible.  The same goes for you.  Let’s enjoy it together, shall we?
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