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A Very Berry Cake

Floured Blueberries - The Duo Dishes

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Blueberries fall into a category of fruits that I do not particularly enjoy in their raw state. Once cooked or baked, I’m all over it. Heat transforms their sweetness into a characteristic my tongue can actually recognize. Fresh out of the clamshell package, there is a disconnect between what I know they taste like and what my buds perceive. Does anyone else have this issue with a certain fruit, vegetable or even condiment? How do you work around that? One of my answers is baked goods. A bunch of blueberries found their way into this cake because it is what I deemed to be best for them. And me.

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Always Pleasantly Surprised

Bunny's Carrots & Snaps-The Duo Dishes

Dishes that are fast and easy to put on the table are so exciting. You can pull them together in a pinch, and sometimes with very few ingredients. Exciting! Whenever a new cookbook comes this way, one of the first things that comes to mind is ‘What’s the easiest thing to make out of here?’ Isn’t that what a lot of people think? Maybe not. Maybe you guys are looking for the hardest thing to recreate. If you can do it without crying, that’s a sure sign of a comprehensive and easy to understand manual. Well, good for you! We want the easy ones, especially easy ones that shock you with tasty simplicity. Here’s one that you will definitely enjoy.

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Pucker Up for This One

We talk about citrus and how much we love it all the time. Maybe a little too much. It goes in most of the foods that we make, and today is no exception. This time is another dessert. So far we’ve shared our Lemon Ginger Cream Cheese Muffins, Bizcocho de Limon, Key Lime Pie, Meyer Lemon Tart, Triple Citrus Cake, Lemon Polenta Cookies, Lemon Thyme Cookies, Orange Almond Cookies and Orange Ginger Granola Bars. Whew! Now it’s time to show you another dessert that has quickly risen up the ranks as a favorite–tart lemon custard topped with fluffy meringue. It’s an easy one that should appeal to any of our fellow citrus lovers out there.

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Beat the Heat

There are some days it’s just too hot to turn on the oven. Lucky for us, it’s not that warm yet in Los Angeles, but this weekend will supposedly be a scorcher. We are heading into our June gloom days–drab and overcast in the mornings before the sun breaks through in the afternoon. This actually started with a bit of May gray if anyone remembers those weeks of dreary mornings last month. Regardless, summer is on its way, so we don’t need to rush it, especially if we want to continue using the oven for special meals. Oh yes, you can still use your oven in the summer if you choose the right time. Oven braising is one of the best ways to end up with something that’s going to satisfy. It utilizes moisture and heat to slowly cook your food to its most tender, delicate degree. You can cook the most succulent beef, lamb, turkey and even chicken with the simplest braising techniques. When it’s just a tad too warm to even think about slow cooking a lamb shank, try tossing in a bunch of fresh, crisp vegetables.

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Don’t Be Scared

If you’re not familiar with whole artichokes, at first glance they look like a daunting, thorny and green mess. How are you supposed to eat this leafy bulb thing, anyway? We’re accustomed to artichoke hearts. They’re easily recognizable in the canned food aisle floating in a jar with oil and herbs. We’re used to enjoying them in many of our favorite dips, in a plethora of Mediterranean dishes, or as a way to jazz up a salad among a few things. With the warmth of impending summer, it was time to pop them on the grill.
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Breakfast is Served

What is one of the best meals you’ve had for breakfast?  There are some people who can’t even wake up in time to eat in the morning, and then there are the rest of us who cannot start the day without at least something in our belly.  We both have to eat in the morning, whether it be a Tuesday morning before work or a Sunday morning after an evening of tequila shots.  It must be done.  Now, we do not live together, so the first meal of the day is rarely shared, and we both have our own preferences for food anyways.  But everyone likes potatoes right?  Here is a side dish that would fit right on the side of either one of our breakfast plates.

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Using the Goods

During the summer, we both received boxes of fresh fruits and veggies from Farm Fresh to You, and it was a challenge to figure out how to use them all before they went bad. We are not wasters here, so every bit of those boxes was used up in some way. Lots of light, summery dishes were on the menu, including a panzanella, lettuce wraps and tomato salad. This time, another gift of carrots, celery, onions and potatoes were handed over. Due to the chilly weather, it was definitely clear that soup would be a great way to use most of the goods. A creamy, savory, bright soup to make us forget about all the dreary cold rain here in Los Angeles. Or at least appreciate being home more during the dreary cold rain while it lasts.

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