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Just a Little Spark

Have you ever made something once and then become determined to use it over and over again in new ways? Let’s use simple syrup as an example here. It’s such an easy, and occasionally necessary, component for a cocktail or sweetened beverage, but we do have some friends who didn’t even know that you could make it yourself. With just a little sugar and water, yes, even you can make your own simple syrup. It’s a blank canvas that can be adjusted and flavored however you choose. Once you have the base, you can add it to just about anything. Make a big batch and store it for all those times your recipe needs a little something sweet.

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P is for Polenta

Polenta and Black Beans-Duo Dishes

We’ve been on a polenta kick lately.  It started with a fennel laced polenta, then we moved on to a polenta topped pie.  In between all of that, there’s been goat cheese polenta stuffed chicken breast and herby polenta cakes with fried eggs for breakfast.  Although we’d love to share all of the polenta dishes we’ve made, you’d tire quickly of the redundancy.  In addition to the other glowing reviews we’ve given polenta, one of the other things we love is how you can make an entire meal with it using the least of ingredients.  We’re talking wiped out fridge and bare cabinets here!  But there it was–polenta.  Staring at us like a three pound bag full of answers to our culinary conundrum.  With a little help from a few other ingredients, we were able to pull something together in a pinch.
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We Like It Hot…Kinda

Fajita fixins-Duo Dishes

Have you ever added spice to something with slight trepidation in your heart?  Gently shaking ground cayenne pepper on chicken cutlets or lightly tossing extra sriracha into a steaming wok of fried noodles, all the while afraid that the outcome may be too hot to handle.  We like kick in our food, but we have accidentally added a bit too much, and once it’s in there, it’s hard to cut.  Call us wimps if you like, but we just can’t handle it. We try to ride the line between spicy tingle and burnin’ ring ‘o fire mouth.  Although we both come from a line of folks who like to toss on those ‘kick your a$$ to high heaven’ or ‘not for wussy wimps’ hot sauces, we just haven’t been able to work our way up to sweating while we’re eating.  It’s not our style. We hit the kitchen with a desire for something that would ride the line without sitting too far on either side–not too bland and definitely not overwhelming.

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Citrus is Our New Black

Lemon and zest

How easy is it to pick out your favorite ingredient? If you had to pick just one, would you blurt it out quickly or would it take a few minutes to decide? Sometimes it feels like you’re shunning the rest of the cooking world’s little gems with just one word. That’s why we’re going to cheat and use one word that really encompasses several complimentary, yet unique ingredients–citrus. Just go to the search bar on this page, type in lemon, lime, orange or zest, and a million of our recipes should pop up. We love citrus fruits. The flavors are always so clean and fresh, they accentuate other ingredients, and they can add great color to a dish. There’s nothing better than popping it into a recipe for extra, yet subtle oomph. Continue reading “Citrus is Our New Black”