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Manchego, Cotija and Chorizo Queso

Manchego Cotija Chorizo Queso 1 - The Duo Dishes

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We’re well into summer thanks to the glorious seasonal kick off associated with Memorial Day weekend, as well as the recent Summer Solstice. This post is all about one of the dishes I ate and made at the end of May. It’s a throwback kind of post, but the true star is a cheesey side dish that you will want to replicate. It was actually one of many dishes I prepared for the weekend, and it was definitely a favorite. Despite taco trucks and grilled burgers, it was a queso dip that stole a few hearts.

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Preview to the Remix

Generic collage - The Duo Dishes

The 4th Annual Los Angeles Street Food Fest is fast approaching, a one-day tasting event where eager eaters gather to sample some of LA’s newest and most prominent food vendors, stands, chefs, pop-ups, restaurants, carts, and more. A week ago, I was lucky enough to be invited to a media preview of this year’s food fest. Nearly a dozen select food venders packed into LA’s Guelaguetza Restaurant, where they shared tastings of their dishes ahead of the main event. It was a night of gluttony, for we all spent a couple hours tasting a variety of flavors that spun all over the food spectrum. Continue reading “Preview to the Remix”

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Hebrew National Hot Dog Fiesta×100&ga_output=html&ga_log=yes&ga_adid=5000089910&_g_cv=1&cachebust=%5Btimestamp%5D&ga_clk=

Summer is officially on!  The time has come to bring out the charcoal, strike a few matches, and light up the grill.  To help ring in the summer, we teamed with Hebrew National Hot Dogs to throw a grilled hot dog party. Continue reading “Hebrew National Hot Dog Fiesta”

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Beverly Hill’s Taberna Mexicana

I turned 29 on October 24th of this year. Just 24 hours before my big day, we were invited to a tasting at a new Mexican restaurant in Beverly Hills called Taberna Mexicana. Chyrstal, sadly, had a last minute conflict, so I flew solo on this one. I was still happy to check out Taberna nonetheless, as we were specifically going for their all day Sunday Happy Hour filled with $4 menu selections of beer, wine, and margaritas. Yep! All day. Every week. 4 bucks! Continue reading “Beverly Hill’s Taberna Mexicana”

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Doing The Most

We’re back from San Francisco, and we have great news. We are finalists in the Alexia Foods “Reinvent a Classic” Challenge! Our Garlic and Herbes de Provence Sweet Potato Fries must have won over the Alexia Foods Research and Development team during the summer contest, and now we are one step closer to possibly seeing our flavor suggestion in stores nationwide. Voting has already begun, and you can cast your ballot here! You can vote as much as you like from today through April, so pretty please let the world know if you would love to see herby French-style sweet potato fries in stores. We’d appreciate it so much. If we win this one, you’re all invited over for a tasting! We’re also hosting a giveaway sponsored by Alexia Foods, that includes an apron, coupons and a copy of Tyler Florence’s Family Meal! But now…let’s get back to the food, shall we?

Chrystal and I have a saying that we utter more than any other. If you follow our Twitter feed, or have spent any length of time with either of us, it’s more than likely you’ve heard the phrase “doing the most” somewhere in the conversation. I’m not sure of the exact origins of this phrase, but it has solidified itself into our everyday vernacular. This expression can be used in almost every context in regards to one’s behavior or actions. The “most” simply refers to overwhelming circumstances or acting in a way that far exceeds the necessity presented by the situation. Well, that is precisely what happened when I ventured to make the popular Mexican drink horchata. If you never thought you could make horchata at home, here’s a recipe to show you that it’s possible. Continue reading “Doing The Most”

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Yxta and Mercado Revamp Mexican Cuisine

Yxta Exterior - The Duo Dishes

There are some parts of Los Angeles’ sprawling neighborhoods that do not receive as much credit as they should for housing reputable restaurants. Yxta lies in a corner of L.A. that falls into the aforementioned category. Located in a quiet strip mall at the intersection of East Sixth Street and Central Avenue, Yxta has for the last couple of years, provided Los Angelenos with a unique taste of traditional and revised Mexican dishes close to the heart and travels of owner Jesse Gomez. He also owns El Arco Iris in Highland Park, which has boasted its presence since the mid 1960’s. Most recently, Jesse has also embarked on a third restaurant venture–Mercado— with Chef Jose Acevedo, but this time he is tackling the Westside. Santa Monica can expect the restaurant to open in October with a menu similar yet characteristically set apart from the other two under his the Gomez umbrella. We were able to sample fare at both Yxta and Mercado and wanted to share the experience with you.
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Belated Goodbye to Summer

Black Bean and Corn Tostada

It’s October, and we can officially say that the summer sun is behind us. Perhaps. You see, here in Los Angeles, it was up to 113 degrees into the last week of September. While the rest of you had already put away bathing suits and pulled out jackets, we were standing in front of air conditioners set to full blast. There were power outages across town. Popsicles were eaten with wild abandon. It was, without a doubt, stiflingly hot. If you do not live in Southern California, it may be difficult to understand, but it is true! It’s difficult to heat up an oven or stand over a bubbling pot when the temperatures are rising at such rates. In less than a week, the mercury-filled thermometers have dropped at least 20-30 degrees, and now October’s serving up chilly, gray, rainy days. It looks like summer is gone, but who knows. The weather monster does like to pull tricks on us. While we wait for him to let us know his next move, check out one of the last summer perfect recipes in our repertoire.
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