Beef & Lamb

Balsamic Molasses Skirt Steak

Balsamic Molasses Skirt Steak 1 - The Duo Dishes

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Grills have been working overtime this summer, offering a break from my usual post in front of a hot oven. I don’t need to explain how cooking on those sizzling grates adds depth of flavor to the final dish. Last week, you may have caught the recipe for lamb steaks cooked on a grill. Well, now you have steak of anther kind–skirt steak. This quick cooking, fairly inexpensive cut of beef takes on marinades easily, making it a great choice for your favorite flavors. Here’s a skirt steak recipe that’s sweet, tangy and slightly spicy. The marinade, sweetened with molasses, transforms into a sauce, so nothing goes to waste.

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Cookies & Bars

The Spice of Life

There is one ingredient that causes friction between us. You could sit around and guess all day, but you’d probably never get it right, so we’ll just tell you. It’s black pepper. Amir loves it. Chrystal does not. Whenever we’re cooking together, no doubt one person will want to add pepper, and the other half will not. We can go into the reason for this another time if you’d really like to know, but right now we’re talking about how pepper works specifically in these cookies. Oh yes, there is black pepper in them and on them. Squint a bit, and you can see the black flecks sitting on top. Who would’ve known that black pepper could make a dessert blast off into the atmosphere like a NASA spaceship!
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Cookies & Bars

Cookies for Breakfast

Gingerbread Men 1Gingerbread cookies!  There’s nothing wrong with dessert as the first meal of the day.  Butter fulfills the dairy requirement, eggs provide protein and sugar supplies a burst of energy.  Wake up and start blending and rolling out that dough because there’s almost nothing wrong with substituting your Wheaties with one, two or even five warm, chewy, spicy gingerbread cookies.  If you have a glass of milk too, that should count for something!

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