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This One’s For You

You could say this post is dedicated to Curtis Stone. We both attended KCRW’s Good Food Live Australian cooking demonstration and wine tasting. Curtis Stone was one of the chefs on deck that afternoon, and he made a remarkably fantastic mustard-brushed rack of lamb that was rolled in fresh herbs. It was out of this world. Why hadn’t we thought of doing that? As much as we both talk about our love for fresh herbs, we’ve never used them to clothe meat. Perfect idea. This was a meal that must be attributed to Curtis Stone and this simply genius idea.
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Flashing. Lights.

Roasted Squash & ZucchiniWe’ve been messing around with our camera, attempting to find out how to properly light a photo when you do not have proper light.  Needless to say, it is difficult.  But, while watching The Astronaut Farmer and cooking up dinner, it all became clear!  (Also:  If there has ever been a time to learn how to real manuals for technological objects, it was last night.)  And tada!  Out of the darkness and into the light.  Well, at least moreso than the previous attempts.  With a little more practice, much more improvement.  What beautiful red, yellow and green luminating from our roasting veggies.  On a chilly Los Angeles November night, they were the perfect combination of warm and healthy. Continue reading “Flashing. Lights.”