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Westwood’s Palomino Restaurant and Bar

A few weeks ago, we were invited to wine and dine on at Palomino Restaurant and Bar in West Los Angeles. Sitting on the edge of UCLA’s lively neighborhood, Westwood, Palomino’s New American menu offers something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a great place to kick back with friends or share a romantic dinner for two, you and your taste buds will be delighted by Palomino’s many Mediterranean-inspired menu offerings. Here’s a look at a few of the dishes we sampled that evening thanks to the chef and his team. Continue reading “Westwood’s Palomino Restaurant and Bar”

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Another Day, Another Pizza

Sweet Potato & Sausage Pizza 1 - The Duo Dishes

Are there some things you feel like you cannot tire of? Even if you’ve managed to eat them many days in a row. Pizza is one of those meals that can be rocked out in a million ways, and we’ve successfully fashioned at least a thousand versions that have made us happy. Most recently, we provided pizzas for a professional event and baked up a pizza for our first video. There was also a quick and easy dessert pizza for a friend’s birthday almost two years ago. When another strong hankering for crunchy crust and savory toppings bubbled to the surface, it was time to think of a new way to serve it up. One of the favorite vegetables around these parts is sweet potato. If you don’t know by now, let it be known that a sweet potato will not go uneaten when once placed under our respective forks and knives. Tossing slices of sweet potatoes on a pizza seemed like just the way to go with this one. All that potato needed was a few more friends to round out one of the world’s best pizzas.

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Pizza Party Time

CIF Sign - The Duo Dishes
We both have a college classmate, Heather, who currently lives in Los Angeles and works withChildren in Film, a member-based website that provides information and direct connections to industry insiders for children and their families who are interested in breaking into the entertainment world. Recently, the organization held an event, and we were asked to provide a few nibbles for the occasion. We decided to do something that all kids can enjoy–pizza! We fashioned up five ideas for pizzas and went to work flipping dough, spreading toppings and pulling hot slabs out of the ovens. This event just inspired us to go to town with pizza making for many, many days afterwards.
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We’re Gunning For It

Pancetta Arugula Sun-dried Tomato Pizza-Duo Dishes

A couple of days ago, we announced the fact that we made it into the Top 10 as a Menu Item for the Bertolli Sauce team!  It’s going to be so much fun to meet all of the other food bloggers we have interacted with mostly in the virtual world.  Although, we’ve made it to the Top 10, there is another pinnacle we’re reaching for right now.  The Foodbuzz community will be able to vote for three bloggers to present a live demo in the Bertolli Sauce Kitchen at the Tasting Pavillion.  Here’s hoping we’ll get the chance to work with the Bertolli Sauce team and present our Menu Item to all of you!  Voting opened yesterday to all Foodbuzzers, and we hope you’ve extended a little helping hand.  Just think…after early November, you will get a break from all of the Duo Dishes voting pleas.  Until then, please exercise your right and vote, vote, vote!

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It’s Not Delivery

Roasted Peppers, Spinach and Feta pizzaAnd it’s not DiGiorno! Thanksgiving is so full of cooking that by the time the weekend comes around, the idea of going back into the kitchen may not be at the top of the list. We admit that no matter how much we love to cook, we enjoy our lazy time as much as you. Pizza is so fast and easy to whip up. We’ll show you just how fast and how easy.
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