‘Tis the Season

We’re past Christmas, and the days leading up to jolly St. Nick’s arrival have come and gone. Now we’re just about to jump into a new year. It’s a beautiful thing. The holidays are closing shop, but we can still say ’tis the season–the season for soup. The season for soup actually started once fall hit, but now we’re well into winter. There’s no better time than now. Depending on where you are, it’s most likely quite chilly. Maybe you have snow or freezing rain. Here in LA, we do get our share of ‘winter’. It’s a strange type of winter for anyone who hails from the East coast, but it is possible for this ‘cold’ to set in your bones. Rather than hiding under your Snuggie, there are ways to warm your spirit. Soup does that. Make one big vat of soup, and you’ll never pick up the canned version again.
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Quick Little Fix

Muhammara-Duo Dishes

There are times when you need something that can be made in a pinch.  Takes less than 5 minutes?  Great.  One dirty dish?  Perfect.  Transfers well cold or at room temp?  The best.  Although we threw this one together over a month ago, we recently remade it and figured it was worth sharing.  There’s a little place called the Hollywood Bowl here in Los Angeles, and Adele headlined a show at the magical outdoor venue.  The other two guests on the bill included Janelle Monae and Chaka Kahn.  A night of divas indeed!  Other than the fact that you can see some of the biggest names in entertainment at the Bowl, another fun factor is the opportunity to picnic in the fresh air.  We needed something fast and easy to whip up for the evening’s meal and music.  Having been charged with bringing cheese, crackers, veggies and dip, we were on a mission to do something other than the typical ranch or blue cheese.  It’s now on the list of dips to make when we’re in a pinch!

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Swirl a Spoon In It

Roasted peppersPlaying with your food takes on a new meaning once you’re an adult. Especially once you’ve realized just how fun it is to play with your food. You can push a pile of peas around with your folk, stack french fries into a fortress or squish a summer squash into a pulp. We guess that’s fun for some people. But when we think of playing with food, we like the idea of tweaking textures, enhancing natural flavors, creating pretty patterns and messing with colors. The colors found in foods are so amazing. How often do you stumble across blue potatoes, purple carrots and green pumpkins without being entranced? Maybe only the rest of us food geeks can relate to that one! We didn’t fool around with the genetics of any foods this time, but we did fashion a zen-like homage to the world’s varied color palette of vegetables. Continue reading “Swirl a Spoon In It”

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It’s Not Delivery

Roasted Peppers, Spinach and Feta pizzaAnd it’s not DiGiorno! Thanksgiving is so full of cooking that by the time the weekend comes around, the idea of going back into the kitchen may not be at the top of the list. We admit that no matter how much we love to cook, we enjoy our lazy time as much as you. Pizza is so fast and easy to whip up. We’ll show you just how fast and how easy.
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