More Cheese Please

Baked spinach tomato goat cheese-Duo Dishes

Cheese is up there in our top ten list of foods.  Gouda, cheddar, brie, mascarpone, manchego, asiago, halloumi, havarti, swiss, cotija, paneer–doesn’t matter.  We don’t care if it came from a down home Wisconsin farmer or monks in the French Pyrenees.  If it’s cheese, we’ll eat it.  One of the favorites is chèvre.  Although chèvre literally translates to ‘goat’, when applied to the cheese, it typically refers to the soft version that can be spread or dolloped on anything.  Feta cheese is the semi-hard form of goat’s milk cheese that a lot of us love in Greek dishes.  Goat’s milk has less fat, calories and cholesterol than cow’s milk, which means that cheeses from goat’s milk are naturally leaner.  That gives us a weak excuse to use it as much as possible.  The same goes for you.  Let’s enjoy it together, shall we?
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Cakes, Pies & Tarts

Why You Love Fall Mornings

Pear Walnut Coffee Cake - Duo Dishes

Well good morning.  How are you?  We have coffee cake.  Surely you want some?  Surely.  Somewhere up there with fluffy biscuits, creamy vegetable tarts, and Southern shrimp and grits, there’s coffee cake as one of the most desirable breakfast dishes.  Imagine waking up to this on a cool morning.  Brew up a mug of coffee, tea or hot chocolate, and you’re ready to eat.  This was actually made for a dinner party where the theme was ‘breakfast’.  Breakfast for dinner.  Let’s all just admit that breakfast for dinner is always a great idea.  Why do you think people love going to Ihop for pancakes late at night?  For this dinner party, everyone had to supply a traditional morning platter, and this is something that rides the line between bread and dessert.  We sat down to an asparagus and potato frittata, roasted potatoes speckled with hearty turkey sausage and fresh watermelon and pineapple with cream.  This coffee cake was a great way to end it all, but there’s no reason why it won’t be baked again for a future fall morning.

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When Two Become One

Rosemary Breadsticks & Onion Pear Dip-Duo Dishes

We’re in San Fran right now as you’re reading this, but we had to put a post in queue in our absence. This is a dip made not too long ago that was a bit of an experiment, as some of our recipes are from time to time. Have you ever felt nervous that one of your brilliant food ideas would not translate to the plate?  Perhaps you were hit with an epiphany the night before, and when you’re actually putting the elements together, you begin to feel tiny twinges of doubt.  No matter how much of a cook you are, there is no guarantee that each dish will be a success.  Following a sun-dried tomato and basil dip that disappeared faster than you can say “Sally sold seashells by the seashore”, there was the need for another quick appetizer idea.  We decided to move ahead with this shaky idea and just see what would happen.
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Cakes, Pies & Tarts

Last But Not Least

1 2 3 4 Cake-Duo Dishes
We promise that this is the last birthday cake you will see here for a while. Maybe. We’ll see who else chooses to celebrate with cake before the year is over. Until then, let’s all have a slice of this 1-2-3-4 cake! A good friend who just recently got engaged gets to round out October with her golden birthday! This cake was a little piece of the party. We’ve had a few opportunities to work on decorating cakes and cookies this month, but practice is still in order. This cake was a test in writing, which is no easy feat. The letters are royal icing. The pink things are the bottom are supposed to be balloons, and they are glacé icing with royal icing strings. No one’s quitting their day job to take up the pastry chef life, but one day we’ll get it perfect!  Oh, and we have things to celebrate too.  Wanna hear all about it?
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