Peanut Miso Noodle Slaw

Oxo Spiralizer - The Duo Dishes

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If you’re a follower on social media, you may have seen a few posts about another project I’ve been working on since late May. It’s called 30 to Lifestyle–a health and fitness website that features a 30-day challenge with curated exercises and recipes. Perhaps you guessed that I’m creating the recipes, which would be correct. The months have flown by as I’ve been working on ideas, a handful of which have been based around our sponsors. This one features a spiralizer from Oxo who signed up on a prize contributor a couple of weeks ago. I have a number of their products in my kitchen, as I’m sure many of you do as well. They’re sturdy, reliable and span the range of indispensable to task-specific. I would throw this spiralizer into the latter category. It may not be a foundation tool for anyone looking to stock their kitchen, it is a piece of equipment that will enhance the way you incorporate fruits and vegetables into your meals. Here’s a recipe that incorporates Oxo’s hand-held spiralizer, resulting in a twist on your summer slaw.

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