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James’ Test Kitchen

Grilled Summer Squash Salad 1 Duo Dishes

Here’s another Guest Test Kitchen for ya! This month, our dear friend James shares one of his favorite recipes and cooking inspirations. He shows how your favorite recipe can be jazzed up or tweaked to fit any occasion and season, and how sexy a simple squash salad can be. This dish would be a fabulous contribution to any summer meal gathering. Plus, it’s vegetarian so everyone can love it. Enjoy!
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Just Give It a Try

There are several vegetables and legumes that get the shaft, and who’s to say why.  We all have our preferences of course, and that’s allowed.  Usually it stems from a childhood aversion to whatever your mom may have made that you slid under the table to the dog.  Or perhaps you had a really bad experience after eating something different at a friend’s house, and you vowed never again to let it touch your lips.  Brussels sprouts seem to be the biggest culprit.  Either you love them or hate them–there’s no in between.  There are other veggies that fall on either side of the love-hate spectrum.  If you happen to dislike spinach, black eyed peas or squash, this dish may not be for you.  If you love one or all of those ingredients, this boatful of vegetable goodness will rock your world.

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